What do you think of my favorite baby names +BQ?

These are in order from my most favorite to my least favorite :)


Harper Jane

Ainsley Blake

Lily Claire

Finley Elizabeth

Scarlet Rose

Vivian Caroline

Blakeley Claire

Emilee Harlow


Baylor Scott

Bennett Taylor

Noah Alexander

James Preston

Cohen Daniel (Pronounced: Co-when)

BQ: Based on my favorite name's style (classic/traditional names) what other baby names would you suggest? (boys and girl's names please)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Harper Jane-I like Harper, but Jane is a little too plain for me.

    Ainsley Blake-If I were to use Ainsley I would put a more feminine middle name such as Gabrielle, Mikayla or Rose. Blake for me is only a boys name.

    Lily Claire-So pretty, Claire is one of my fav. name. I like Lilia better than just Lily though

    Finley Elizabeth-A very nice mix

    Scarlet Rose-To much red in there for me-Scarlett Lily is nicer

    Vivian Caroline-THE PERFECT COMBINATION!!!

    Blakeley Claire-Don't like Blakeney, Claire is cute- Brynn Claire, BlaireCarline

    Emilee Harlow- Like the Emilee spelling and Harlow is sooo cute!


    Baylor Scott-Very sweet, I like Taylor better than Baylor, Scott is nice Taylor Scott, Bailey Shawn

    Bennett Taylor-Really masculine and nice,


    James Preston-James is so classis, I like Jamie better, Preston is okay, Jamie Preston, James Presley

    Cohen Daniel-Very, very cute!!!! I like Cohen spelled Cowen or Coen though.Conner is cute too Cowen Daniel, Coen David, Conner Daniel or Cohen Leinad (Leinad is Daniel spelled backwards)

    I would suggest Annaleise,

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    Harper Jane - It's OK. Harper's becoming too popular/over used.

    Ainsley Blake - It's OK. Over popular & over used.

    Lily Claire - LOVE IT. Classic. Simple, pretty. I'd hyphenate though. Lily-Claire.

    Finley Elizabeth - For a puppy, yes. A child - NO!

    Scarlet Rose - It's a baby, not a floral display.

    Vivian Caroline - LOVE IT!!! Simple, classic...wonderful name!

    Blakeley Claire - This is also a puppy's name.

    Emilee Harlow - Emily is over used, over done, and "over".


    Baylor Scott - LOVE IT!!!

    Bennett Taylor - LOVE IT!!

    Noah Alexander - It's classic and simple, but a little over used. I'd have to say "Meh.."

    James Preston - Classic. Like it.

    Cohen Daniel - It's OK.

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    don't like harper, ainsley, clair or finley.

    Loveing Scarlet Rose:)

    Vivienne is the girls spelling, Vivian is male. Caroline is ok

    Don't like blakeley or claire

    don't like harlow, but Its better with Emilee, its a nice combo:)

    Baylor? No. Taylor Scott? YES:)

    Bennett? No !

    Love noah alexander !!

    Love James Preston :)

    I am bias towards Cohen Daniel, cus i know a Daniel Coen, and he is not the nicest person, but i love the name Daniel.

    James Taylor

    Noah Taylor

    John Roland

  • 1 decade ago

    These are the names I like..


    Lily Claire -flows good

    Scarlet Rose -pretty

    Emilee Harlow -Emilee is overused but I really like it with Harlow!

    (I also really like Blake for a middle name)


    Bennett Taylor -adorable!

    Noah Alexander -my boyfriend's name, I really like it.

    James Preston -I love the name Preston and it sounds really cute with James.



    Samantha Amira (Amira means princess)

    Amelia (or Emilia) Kathleen

    Ariana (or Arianna) Renee

    Elizabeth Claire

    Rebecca Louise


    Trenton Liam

    Ryan Nathaniel

    William Patrick

    Edward Charles

    Henery Jacob

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