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What is your greatest evidence for the existence of God?

I asked this question a couple of months ago, and, only getting one or two non-idiotic answers, decided to ask it again today.

Atheists, don't bother answering, because I didn't direct this question towards you.


"When he reveals himself to us." I'm sorry, but I don't remember God revealing himself to me and I'm pretty sure he'd let me see him if he didn't want me to go to hell.

Update 2:

ARGH! I just told all you atheists not to answer, and you did anyways! Can't you see that I want NON-atheists to answer so that I can laugh at them?

Update 3:

"The Bible is evidence." Circular logic, you need to believe in God to believe in the Bible.

"Why do you need proof, what is even the point. Faith faith faith." I was asking for evidence or proof, not faith.

Update 4:

"Right and wrong." To me, 'right' and 'wrong' could occur naturally in our brains as "helping others of our species" and "harming others of our species".

"Ooo, look at the pretty flower. That's obviously God." Flowers can occur without a God by starting with a naturally self-reproducing chemical structure that evolves into something aesthetically pleasing to make it easier for animals to find and pollenate.

Update 5:

"God is everything."

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I can stand all of the people who say that everything here couldn't have existed on their own, with some effort I can tolerate the people who use circular logic, and if I strain hard enough I can stand the people who use irrelevant evidence, but actually saying something that doesn't even TRY to answer my question goes too far. Just go away, please.

Update 6:

"I don't think that the world popped out of nothing." This is actually one of the best arguments I've heard for religion, but it still doesn't work too well. It basically gives you a choice between "by our laws of physics as we know them today, the universe impossibly came out of nothing" and "by our laws of physics as we know them today, an impossible being existed that created everything". It seems that the first one is more logical due to Occam's Razor (The universe simply appeared rather than actually having a complex consciousness make it) and it also leaves room for the face that maybe its creation wasn't so impossible, because we still don't completely know exactly how the world works.

Update 7:

"He transformed me"- What did he transform you into? A cow? A plank of wood? An insurance claims adjuster?

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    There is no mathematical way the universe can exist without a creator. The amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero. (Gravity is a negative force, and combined with all the matter and energy that exist, you get nothing.) There is no way that the universe simply created itself out of sheer nothing. If that were the case, there would have to have been SOMETHING.

    That might be a little confusing; I have that effect sometimes. Basically, there's no mathematical way that our universe could exist, rather than just nothing exist, without God.

    I also have a runner-up. There's this orchid that lives in some part of Africa. Its flower looks like a female dragonfly and emits imitator pheromones. That way, the male grabs it and tries to fly off with it, but there's this hinge thing on the female-dragonfly petal, so that the force with which the dragonfly attempts to take off, it instead launches itself directly into the flower's reproductive organs and gets covered in pollen. When the dragonfly tries this again on another flower, the same thing will happen, and also, the pollen from the first flower will pollenate the second one. Thus, the flowers cross-pollenate. A transitional member of that species wouldn't be able to do the same function. (In other words, the very first of these orchids would have had to have had the special petal, the pheromones, and the hinge.) Otherwise, it wouldn't be selected for. Mathematically, it can be explained away, but logically, it's just too specialized to come about by accident.

    Source(s): some Stephen Hawking book Biology class
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    The best evidence for God includes documented historical evidence, viewing the creation, and the testimony of Jesus Christ. When we claim these as the best evidence for God, we are not just taking a religious position. Evidence For God – The Big Three The Bible is the most extensive and authenticated historical document in existence. It has extensive falsifiable details that have proven to be accurate by archeology. The integrity of the handed down text has been proven to be virtually the same as the original text or text documented soon after the historical events. C. S. Lewis stated that Jesus was either Lord, liar, or lunatic. Josh McDowell referred to this argument as a “trilemma.” The argument was that Jesus couldn’t be just a great moral teacher as some have argued. He either had to be Lord, liar, or lunatic! Since He didn’t fit the stereotype of a liar or lunatic at all, He had to be Lord. The evidence for Jesus to be God is overwhelming even though many do not accept Him now just as they didn’t accept Him as God when He was on earth. However, that lack of acceptance has nothing to do with the facts. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is the best documented event in history. Details of this event were predicted by more than 100 unique prophecies in the Old Testament written long before the event. Many of the prophecies were the kind that couldn’t be faked. Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh. His documented wisdom confounded His adversaries and His miracles verified He is God. Another evidence that God exists is that we can see Him in His creation. The concept and design of our universe necessitate an intelligent designer. That same Bible that has been shown over and over again to be true and verifiable makes that assertion. It states in Romans 1:20 (NKJV) that, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. . .” To fully accept the conclusion that we have good evidence for God’s existence, we need to lay aside our presuppositions and evaluate the evidence at face value. Many have set out to prove that God did not exist and after examining the evidence have instead found that God does exist.

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    Let's see... He communes with me, healed my aunt and father of cancer, instantly. He has healed me many times from various illnesses, one was severe carpal tunnel, overnight, which doesn't happen in the medical world. I was told it was impossible for me to have children, that was a fact but not the truth. I believed God's word and have 2 miracles children where there was no way. He has blessed me financially to the point I can only laugh. He has given me great favor, everywhere I go. This is just a sampling but I could go on and on.

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    Religion relies on Faith. Atheism relies on Facts. Both cannot be correct.

    Believers are not going to change Atheists and Atheists are not going to change Believers.

    I don't even know why the hell I bother with this board, but it is fun.

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    If the Bible proves the existence of God, then Action Comics proves the existence of Superman.

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    This is from Lee Strobel's book "A Case for Faith;"

    But the fact that we as humans have a general sense of right and wrong. Without a deity that set those moral standards for us, we wouldn't have that. Therefore, a general sense of right and wrong and a human conscience is evidence in favor of a higher power, such as God.

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    well from a believers standpoint you can see all of mother natures Imagination all around you. you just have to look for them. look a the trees and the flowers, and the Butterfly and the sparrows that chirp. all are symbols of a Devinne entity's imagination. choose whatever term you like god. the devine creator. mother nature.

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    I took God up on His offer and a peace of forgiveness came over my soul and then He transformed me - Hallelujah.


    To testify that He transformed me, something that causes me to shout Hallelujah should be good enough for you.

    If it isn't, only you have to answer for insolence but sorry, there's no saving merit in that on the day of judgment (accountability).

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    I am NOT the zenith of creation, ie. there are being and things in this universe much greater than I. I did not create a galaxy; hell, I can barely create a pie, LOL!

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    1: That we and the world exists! I dont think that the world only popped into being from nothing. And that endless of coincidences could have created a fantastic creation.

    2: That he have revealed himself too us! Both trough the prophets, apostles, as himself(Jesus Christ).

    3: That he is doing miracles for many who pray to him. That many peoples are hungry for God, and God reveals himself to them.

    "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

    - God Almighty (Jer. 29,13)

    Please message me if you want to talk more about it!

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