Bored outta my mind, any good websites?

Okay, so, i've been so bored latley, and dont know what to do, have any good websites,?

by the way, i've already tried;



club penguin






& btw; im a teenage girl. ♥

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    9 years ago
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    Fav 2.0 is a modern way to use your most visited websites. Set it as homepage and add your most visited sites. It uses cookies to store your sites and settings.

    FotoFlexer is one of the most advanced online digital photo editor. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software. FotoFlexer integrates with leading photo sites and social networks. Import and export photos with ease.

    piZap is an online photo editor that allows anyone to add objects and text to their pictures to give them a goofy look.

    Upload an image or design to FindTuna, and add your comments. Then send image & comments by email or simply copy & paste a link, and allow your friends to comment on your image/work.

    Try mypictr. Upload and crop your photos right from the web. No download or registration needed.

    pikipimp is a web based service that allows you you to edit your image online. No registration require.

    Fotobabble lets you create talking photos in two clicks. Simply upload a photo and then record your voice directly through your computer to create a talking photo. You can easily share it by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or embed it into a blog or website.

    Interactive photos, create slideshows, sell photos on your blog and website to share with friends, family and the World. lets you enhance your photos and have fun with them - easily, anytime, anywhere. Its editing tools let you make the best of your photos with a single click, as well as apply different artistic effects and have fun with your favorite pics.

    Application description: ListenMusic.FM is a online music catalog and a social music playlist community. Listen to music, create a free music playlist, find new friends and more.

    Playlistnow is all about changing the way people think about music in the web. PlaylistNow is a big believers in the situation and the playlists that can make improve your experience. is a web application that looks & feels like a music player where users can quickly find, listen to, build, and share playlists of their favorite artists' music. Since TubeRadio based on the music library of Youtbue, it makes it easy to find just about any songs you want - Millions of them. allows you to create your own music charts by (re)mixing the charts of more than 2500 radio stations, play the charts through, watch music videos, read the lyrics of your favorite songs and the bio of your favorite artists, find new music and radio stations that match your taste.

    The internet makes it easy to share anything with anyone across the globe in a heartbeat; and with, music made easy to share as well.

    RadioBeta allows you to reach to radio stations around the globe, to listen and to create your personal playlists so you can enjoy all of them in a comfortable and efficient way.

    MixTube allows you to create and share audio playlists made from YouTube videos.

    With Maestro, your home computer becomes the central source for your music collection that can then be accessed and managed through any web browser, anywhere. You start by downloading a small application, the Maestro Connector, to the computer where your digital music collection is stored. Through the Maestro Connector, you will be able to select the folders on your home computer that contain your digital music.

    tunesBag is an online audio library where you can upload your own music. The product enables you to listen to your tracks and playlists from any computer connected to the internet.

    Musana is set to ease for life my personal music experience on any computer, mobile, or connected device.

    jamendo allows you to listen to free download and download it directly from their site. jamendo users can discover and share albums, create playlist and share music with friends.

    Project Playlist enables you to create a free playlist for you myspace account, create and share with friends and listen to other myspace playlists. You can also share your playlist in other social networks, such as Facebook, hi5, your blog/site and more.

    Deezer is now the first global website for music on demand with no restrictions: listening to all kinds of music is now free, unlimited, legal and accessible to all Internet users via a Web browser.

    PureVolume allows you to create desirable PlayLists in just about few clicks. Your PlayLists will saved on the web and you be can listen to them of course, whenever you want to.

    Esfresh, is a mushup from, Youtube and LyricWiki.. The site enables you to search for music clips and create playlist from your favorites. You can also listen to other people playlists and share it with friends.

    A web based service that lets you create playlists that you like, listen to them online and share it with your friends. You can choose from 2 million sound tracks that already in Finetune library. is the flagship product from the team that designed the Audioscrobbler system, a music engine based on a massive collection of Music Profiles.

    You can search and listen to music, watch videos, find playlists, upload photos and share just about everything with your friends online.

    Fast, fun, and in 140 characters: share everything you do throughout the day using text, video and images.

    Filter updates received. Real life friends, co-workers, family….

    Import content from YouTube, Flickr, and Delicious.

    Upload photos & videos anytime.

    Connect & share with anyone.

    Post from anywhere.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago (gossip)

    even though you're a girl, a good gaming site like will get you unbored (trust me, learned that from my brother)

    Watch an online movie (will unbore you for two hours) just type on google - watch "whatever movie" online for free - and you'll find lots of links.

    Google out random stuff like celebrities heights, etc


    good luck ;)

    Source(s): I've had a whole summer vacations to unbore myelf and thats basically what i do haha
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    5 years ago

    I like roblox A LOT! I play roblox practically everyday lulz.

    I use a roblox generator to generate unlimited roblox robux & tix

    Hope this helps :) Enjoy ;)

  • 9 years ago

    If your into virtual sites try habbo! XD It's fun and never gets boring:)

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    9 years ago (my life is average) about people average life(helps u feel better)

    or (F^&* my life) where people go and vent (its funny)

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