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Ayrton Senna vs Michael Schumacher?

Some say Senna is/was the best driver in the world, but he only won 3 world titles, while Schumacher won 7. Clearly, it looks like Schumi is the better of the 2, so why do they say Senna was the best?

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    Schumacher has the advantage of being alive to continue winning, whereas Senna was killed early in his career. If he was still alive, he'd cast a shadow upon Schumacher. It's not about the number of championships, it's about how you drive the car. Senna was the best because he could always find the right line, preserve his car to last the race, and never held anything back all at the same time.

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    If Senna had not been killed, he would have won some of the championships that Schumacher won.

    You kind of have a tendency to stop winning races once you have died.

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    Last week on Top Gear Schumacher was asked who was the best driver of all time, his reply "Senna was no1" says it all really, =]

    Papa :)

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    Schumacher by far

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