Is there something inherently wrong with the term "Social Justice?"?


Please omit your silly comments about home-schooling.

Update 2:

@ Reagan was - Reagan was wonderful! You can tell I was home-schooled? Thank you.

Update 3:

@ RockIt - Liberals must change the meanings of words to justify what they believe as being something worthwhile.

Update 4:

@BlackOcean - The road to serfdom is almost at an end. Perfidity describes the 0bama admin perfectly. Thanks for the brilliant analysis

Update 6:

@ Bad speller - I usually do know what I am asking. The philisophical implications and explanation of a key term which seems to be used often and not understood well.

Update 7:

@ Bad speller - I actually have great respect for you and think you are misunderstood. You losted this: "About me: My purpose is not to score points? I am interesting to help some young people that are ill-bred, do to the fact they are abused. Misguided ,or on drugs or alcohol."

I think you are a man of great wisdom. It actually made me sad to think you thought my question was BS. Please feel free to explain.

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    Yes. The term "Social Justice" when used as we have seen in this country for over 50 years, means that there is "Social Injustice" for someone else. Here are some of my life experiences. I applied to the state police, and although I tested higher, was not hired because they needed to validate "Social Justice" and hire minorities and women and I was told this by the state police recruiter. While in the service, twice I tested to enter the ROTC program, tested higher than co-workers, had better grades in HS, took more difficult classes (ie: Chemistry, AP English, math beyond Algebra) and did not get the scholarship(s) because there was a push to get more minority officers, even if it meant by-passing more and better qualified applicants to get there. So, yes, I've been able to see first hand what Social Justice means and it is just another form of prejudiced bias. Only, it is accepted and encouraged by our government.

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    Without a definition for the phrase "social justice" it's difficult to discern what, if anything, is inherently wrong with it. Off the top of my head I would say it contradicts and possibly negates the concept of individual justice in a classically liberal democratic society and, if so, it would be a dangerously anti-capitalist and anti-liberal concept and tool.

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    The "Social Justice" is a phrase used by some black churches AKA Rev Wright who preach white people are suppressors and that they should give all the belongings to a black man in order to get to heaven. The take the bible out of context and the black preacher who started "Social Justice" say that in order to understand the Bible you have to read Marx.

    This is the type of message Obama has been listening to for 20 years.

    It also shows his animosity towards white people, his leaning towards communism and ideologue about wealth distribution.

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    No not inherently wrong. Anything can become bad if it is taken to extremes. I believe our nation is founded on the principles of Social Justice because we are a nation of elected representation and laws. The best Social Justice is equal justice for all.

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    It would be more interesting if the people who use the expression in the context of government policy, or government grants, investment, loans, or social programs.

    I would feel more informed if they explained what the h*ll they mean and not stumble all over themselves with vague meaningless explanations.

    Simply say what you mean and let it stand on its merits.

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    It implies government control based on economic equality. It also degrades the idea of individualism and law.

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    Because "Social Justice" means what to you?

    That the rich will be over taxed and made to help support the country that enabled them to gather the wealth in the first place?

    Something like that?

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    Hayek referred to this phrase as an example of "weasel words". Pretty much "social" anything.

    People like Father Coughlin dreamed up this sort of perfidy.

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    Yes, can't get agreement on what constitutes "justice".

    My idea of justice and that of the typical Democrat are far different, I would let those that make stupid decisions live with the consequences of their decision making.

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    Only when liberals say it.

    Then they mean communism.

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