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Anonymous asked in Food & DrinkNon-Alcoholic Drinks · 10 years ago

most teabag brands of green tea and black tea are made of tea dust. You only know after you drink it. why?

many store brand teas, cheap teas, and even lipton green tea have 90% tea dust and only 10% tea in them. You can tell by looking at the tea bag, its dust in it. Now i drink only tetley green tea and tetley black tea because that is pure real tea inside the teabag. there is no dust in it. the taste clearly proves it. these tea dust teabags produce a bitter and harsh taste -- i can hardly finish the cup. the teabags are bleached and have staples on them. if you hold the tetley teabag in sunlight and the typical competitor teabag in sun, you can clearly see tetley is real tea whereas the other is mostly dust. Why do so many tea companies use tea dust inside the bag, instead of real tea? now i'm so uncomfortable, im scared to buy anything but tetley. most people don't even realize they are drinking dust instead of tea

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  • 10 years ago
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    if you really want to prove that some tea doesn't have tea dust in it, open one up before you steep it. I actually look in the tea bags I get and the better brands have very little dust and are mostly leaves. ie Whole Foods, Celestial seasonings, Tazo, republic of tea.

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  • Math
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    10 years ago

    the typical teabag is nothing but tea dust. if you want to taste real rich tea with true flavor of what it should be, get "loose leaf tea" sold in organic stores or even online at some premium tea companies websites like Tea bag is supposed to be inferior tea with mostly dust. tea which has no tea-bag tastes best. its fresh brewing in hot water.

    i agree out of tea-bags, tetley seems to taste best and is as real as it can be. but i don't drink tea from tea bags. i use keurig brewer k-cup tea. Those k-cups have no tea-bags but real leaf tea in them. you put those k-cups in the keurig brewer and a cup beneath the brewer machine. hot fresh brewed pure tea flows into the cup.

    timothy's chinese green tea k-cups are best -- rich in flavor, awesome. they are pretty costly.

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