Can goldfish and neon tetras live in the same tank?

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I want to put goldfish and neon tetras in the same tank (75 gal.). Can they live together? Can they eat the same food? If not, how can I keep them from eating each other's food? more
Update : Can I keep goldfish with any kind of small school fish?
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Neon tetras and goldfish require different water temperatures. The neons are actually quite sensitive, (contrary to popular belief) and will soon become lethargic and prone to lots of illnesses if kept in cool waters. So there goes your worry of them eating each other's foods. Another thing I'd be worried about with tetras in a goldfish tank is that, as goldfish are opportunistic feeders, they might eat the smaller neon tetras (who could quite easily fit into the mouths of adult goldfish).

Bearing this in mind, while a goldfish is still juvenile it can be kept with White Cloud Mountain Minnows (WCMM), which prefer cooler waters and shouldn't be eaten if the goldfish is young.

However, goldfish are sociable fish so would prefer to be with other goldfish. In a tank that large you can put another goldfish (providing they are both fancy), and that would be fine. If they were common/comet goldfish then they would need 55 gallons, so 100-110 for 2. Make sure your filtration is double the size of the tank itself! So I hope your filtration is for 150 gallons :)

Good luck!

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thanks, I guess i will have to find something else.
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  • Fish Man! answered 4 years ago
    No goldfish are coldwater and neon tetras are tropical. Look into white cloud mountain minnows (poor mans neon tetras). They are fine with small goldfish but may be eaten by large goldfish.
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  • Dawn answered 4 years ago
    no. goldfish are coldwater fish and neons are tropical.
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  • Cheryl answered 4 years ago
    i believe neons are tropical so no ... i did keep guppies with two bubble eye goldfish quite successfully ... it was survival of the fittest when it came to the guppy fry, some would get eaten and some grew to adulthood ...
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  • Bob answered 4 years ago
    No they have different temperature needs. Plus the goldfish will outgrow that tank in a year. And on top of that when they do they will eat the neons.
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