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Are the guys the Astros are getting any good?

They got rid of their two best players, Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman.

For Oswalt, they got J.A. Happ (Phillies) and 3B Brett Wallace (Blue Jays)

For Berkman, they're getting RP Mark Melancon and INF Jimmy Paredes (both from the Yankees)

I know of J.A. Happ, but is there any bright spot to any of this? Are any of these unknowns any good?

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    Bradley, chill out.

    Yeah they traded Giles, Bay and Perez. Bay is on the DL now, Perez is the worst pitcher the Mets have right now and is horrible now and Giles is like 40 now. Actually they traded JACK wilson, not Josh. Get your facts straight. They also got Jeff Clement and Cedeno for him. Cedeno is twice as good as Wilson is now, who hit the DL. They also traded Sanchez, once again he was on the DL. They traded Marte, he was on the DL after they traded him and he didn't rebound yet. Nady is a back up now.

    Have you noticed something? They traded a player and he gets worse or hits the DL. That's not a stupid move, that is the most genius thing a manager could do.

    Now about the real question.

    J.A. Happ was a top of the rotation guy last year but couldn't rebound from his injury this year. He'll be a great starter the rest of the way.

    Wallace was the top prospect in St. Louis for a while before they traded him to get Holliday. Some compliments he gets : "Best hitting prospect right now, hitting machine". They got him for a teenage "future gold glove CF." A teenager.. That was an amazing move. He will shadow Berkman's numbers if they don't trade him.

    Melancon is a future closer. He has an 8.9 K/9 (basically means he gets a strikeout every inning.) It depends what they decide to do with him. He would be a good closer, a great set-up man or a top-notch long reliever. He's been in AAA since 2008 and his 3.20 ERA and 134 K to 46 BB may mean a promotion to the MLB in a few weeks. He's got great potential. He was the top pitching prospect the Yankees still had in the minors. Second best prospect behind Montero.

    I know nothing about Paredes. So it's time for some research. He's a 21 year old 2B. He can play 3B and SS but has a fielding percentage below .900. His FPCT at second is .926, which could be improved. He has speed (36 SB this year in 404 AB) a decent .282 BA but HORRIBLE plate discipline. 82 K and 18 walks in 404 AB. He strikeouts out or gets a hit 1/2 the time. He's only in low A right now, so you won't see him playing with the Astros until at least 2012. He has speed and a good batting average, needs to become a better fielder and get more plate discipline. Probably a 3rd tier prospect.. He's got decent potential.

    So yes the Astros got a good haul. Happ and Melancon are big league ready. Wallace could use some more development and Paredes is nowhere near big league ready.

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    Happ is major league ready, and I think the Phillies groomed him all along for the guy that would be moved for a #1 pitcher. You really have to wait 3 seasons before you see how good he is.

    Houston, even though I have never liked that franchise, is old, and needs to move salary, get younger and more athletic. Their future now, is 2-3 years away.

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    Mark Melancon could be a good reliever for the Astros in the future. Heck, he may end up being their future closer since his name has been brought up numerous times as the heir apparent to Mariano Rivera. He must be that good, then. Good luck with him, Astros.

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    I hate when a team trades their best players for minor leaguers. Why rebuild for the future? Spend some f**king money and try to win now. I'm a Pirates fan, and every god damn year I hear "Pirates trade so-and-so, they trade this guy, that guy." I hate it. They traded Brian Giles in 2003 and got Oliver Perez, Jason Bay, and someother guy. Then they trade Perez away 3 years later for Xavier who they then trade to the Yankees for 4 minor leaguers (Ross Ohlendorf, Daniel McCutchen, Jeff Karstens, and Jose Tabata). Then they trade Bay and minor leaguer Josh Wilson (now the shortstop for Seattle, another smart move by Neal Hunington), to Boston for 4 more minor leaguers/bench players (Andy LaRoche, Brandon Moss, Craig Hansen, and Bryan Morris who might be the only good one). So in exchange for Brian Giles, we got 4 crappy pitchers, a bench utility player, and an outfielder who got demoted back down to the minors after sucking for the Pirates. The only that came is Jose abata who's batting .284 this year and Bryan Morris who playedin the Futures Game last month. So to answer you're question...NO!...What the Astros are getting aren't good. They'll see after 18 losing seasons.

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    Happ is going to be good and Wallace is gonna be a stud.

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    as a jays fan i want to hang myself over lsing wllace...possibly the best hitter in the minors

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    Yea but they are for the future not the present.

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    The Astros got rid of their good guys cause it's time to retool and rebuild. The Yanks got a good outfielder in Berkman.

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