What is sacred geometry?

What is the relationship between sacred geometry and alchemy?

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    This is a study of God ... in everything ... I am sure ~in the spiritual, the physical! A study into all the dimensions... of where God exists.

    Sacred geometry is believed to be an ancient discipline which appeals to our heart mind, our intuitive sensibilities, the knowing parts in us. Also it appeals to the scientific mind, which analyzes logic, mathematics. Any place the Spirit allows us to be touched.

    Also believed to be the Architecture of the universe ~ kinda the fingerprint of God. All around us if you have the eye to see it, you see life in formations Kasey, Infinite life! It appears to the left brains desire for logic, yet satisfies, the right brains desires for random interactive study of the whole of life.

    For instance Rabbi's study the Kabbalah symbols, such as the Tree of life, Genesis, in the beginning, the void. The idea is there are many dimensions..

    Freemasons see the 'Straight lines" as male which generate principle, and the female as "Curved"(circles).

    When we look further we see reference to the Seed of Life, The Egg of Life, The Fruit of Life, 13 circles, 12 Star-gates,, the World of Illusion, the Philological world. Structure and Conscientiousness

    Even the Candle representative of Christ consciousnesses, as the Flame, is in us all, the single pointedness, as oneness, atonement, the ideal of unity, as an undivided singular pointedness which unfolds itself into Duality. E = Mc(2) Quantum Physics, which states that single pointedness becomes duality, then becomes unity, then disappears, then it come back again.

    Nature can be termed as God or spirit, within this belief all is thought to have its origins from ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

    I don't know much else concerning this, however this is some of what I did discover after a quick study.

    It is interesting and would take life times to understand it all.

    The nature of our souls is involved in this. When one understands what is believed to be the Tree of Life, one actually understands better, how we all make decisions, acting with kindnesses, how we individually interpret the truth, in our human area. A mapping so to speak, of who we are and what we can become with increased knowledge...

    I assume that alchemy, is some enhancing factor ~ though i know not what!

    ps...it is infinite .... even down to the answer ..."music" which to me, shows how all harmonizes... into life. Good question, so deep



    Edit: Upon further reflection, Kasey, (seriously) I wonder if, man's attempt in trying to explain the unexplainable his way will lead us anywhere ~ as in understanding all of what belongs to God, we may question all things, but, I am not certain, we will KNOW all things... as these life mysteries can only be fully known by God, our Creator. For in God all life is held together. I see this as man trying to understand all that is and belongs to God... it is good to look, to question, to adore. I find this study fascinating. One day, God may just give us the flash dance, and we will have instant knowledge!

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    basically, the only thing that i can find in common with sacred geometry and alchemy is that they both deal with types of spirituality.

    Sacred geometry deals with the use of geometric patterns and shapes in the design and architecture of churches, temples, mosques or any place of spiritual gathering. These specific shapes mean certain things, depending on the religion or belief system. For example, the pentagram in Christianity refers to the five senses. In Catholicism, it can sometimes refer to the Devil, or the Evil One.

    Alchemy deals with the process of turning metals into gold, using chemicals and science. However, Alchemy is also a belief in finding the ultimate wisdom through chemistry. Therefore, alchemy is a spirituality all its own.

    All in all, the only thing that I can see in common between the two is that they both deal with a type, or types, of spirituality.

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    Kasey, I do not know what the exact relationship is between sacred geometry and alchemy.

    Sacred geometry reveals to us the underlying nature of all form, from microcosm to macrocosm, the form is the same. It reveals to us the underlying principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole.

    Alchemy I always think of as chemical transmutation. But this link shows something very close to how alchemy and sacred geometry are linked, if we take alchemy to mean the seemingly magical transforming and transmutation of something into something else.

    This link shows it being achieved with thought and prayer, and the results could be said to be the patterns seen in sacred geometry.





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    4 right angles and 2 intersecting lines........+ a cross

    and a star of david

    and a pentagram.....probably more

    ????relationship between sacred geometry and alchemy????

    Religious people like money/gold too....Some think it is


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    Sacred geometry has to do with angels. Real geometry has to do with angles.

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    Geometry offers a visual window/opportunity for humans to get a peek at the fact that there is order underlying apparent chaos and randomness. (See http://www.imho.com/grae/chaos/chaos.html ) The word "sacred" is not used properly in this context, which is misleading. They use the word to hint that "that which appears is made by that which is not seen", that there is a spiritual cause for what we see.

    some text here:


    Alchemy is a waste of time, for reasons very similar to why "intelligent design" is not science.

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    Frozen music.

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    dunno, on a molecular and electromagnetic level, tetrahedrons are formed as sacred geometry.

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