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Whats wrong with our society today?

I don`t understand why teenage girl who are like 15,and 14 always judge me in wrong matter,and call me weird because i do things in non conventional way.I like to listen to the Doors,and other classic music,and they listen to rap.I hate most women because most of them judge me before they even get the time to know me.Whats wrong with listening to old classic like the Doors,or listen to old youtube video that make sense while they just go to the mall,or the skating rank doing their own thing while i get run down for doing the same.I know this sound little odd but i`m 19,and i have family that really harsh on non conventional people such as myself.They talk **** on me behind my back saying i`m weird for liking old music,and they also run down my mom as well because she listen to country music when my sister friends are there(she listens to old country music all the time even when there no one there).Why are kids today becoming more mean for?Why is our society so complex,and so harsh on people who act different from the crowd?Am i just weird?What wrong with liking the Doors?I hate pleasing people because most of them make no sense whats so ever about calling people weird cuz they like doing their own thing.

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    You won't find help via religion. You may be able to delude yourself, but that's far from truly helpful. I suggest reading philosophy. Philosophers write about all kinds of problems that you face. Their writing isn't complex. I'd suggest something simple like a compilationn first. Try reading 'Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton.

    My sister is 15 (I'm 25). She's exactly like what you describe. I'd say it's something to do with the internet and facebook/sms as a common means of communication. I feel that people have declined over the last 5-10 years. It's all about the latest crap. People seem to be forgetting about what's important and essential. You can see what people are like generally just by looking at them. They've become obese, on the inside and outside.

    I like 'the end' by the doors. The only band I've enjoyed in the last 5 years is Gorillaz.

    Good Luck!

    Don't run around pleasing people because you'll find yourself so overly exerted that you'll forget who you are.

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    Ask them what they mean by weird. They probably might be just thinking,"Oh, that's not something I would listen to." Weird is more like something they wouldn't do, or in this case listen to. You don't have to take the word as a negative or positive connotation - you could take it as it is - a reaction to something different. If you could imagine yourself not liking something or not understanding why people do something you would think they're weird too, maybe?

    Brush it off and smile! Please? They don't mean harm and there's nothing wrong with listening to different music, if they deliberately say you should like a certain pop or rock star because everyone else likes them then that's different because then that's telling people what to like which they don't have authority to do, so no matter what they say you can always say,"I like what I like and you like what you like. That's the way it is." =D

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    I loved the doors too when I was a teenager.

    Is it fair to say that blending in with a crowd is not appealing to you? You have the personality profile of the challenger. Im one also. We are pragmatic people, particular tastes, and if other people dont like it, it seems even more atractive. Ya wife used to yell at me all the time for finding stuff int eh dumpster. But im sorry, when someone throws out a $100 item in the dumpster and its still good, Im going to grab it reagardless of what people think. That is what it means to be a challenger, we are independent thinkers and pragmatic.

    So when someone sees you doing something outside of their pre-established norms, they cant help themselves but mock. Its evil human nature. Its not a societal problem, its a problem with basic humanity. Pay them no mind, give them grace.

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    Not everyone is so judgemental of everyone. I love the doors and country music, and metallica, and whitesnake. That does not make you weird just different, but everyone is different. These girls are young and immature and the older you get I promise it is not quite so judgemental. You are more free to do what you want and no one will judge you. Hang in there it gets better and why do you care what they think? They are just immature young girls who have nothing better to do then cut everyone down it is not even worth a second thought.

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    The absence of this understanding -

    Freedom! You are the dreamer and the dream... without beginning or end.. you are the question, the answer and the genius of both... ageless in the sum of all experience.. the guiding evolutionary torch of the cosmos and the earth... the heavy hands of the ticking wheel of time.. you are the collective being of an infinite stream of expressions to which you experience both simultaneously (collectively) and sequentially (individually) depending on your (perception or) point of observation.. limited only by the illusion of subjective experiences and interpretations of the universal duality. (Pain and pleasure.. truth and falsehood.. darkness and light.. beauty and brutality.. knowledge and ignorance.. life and death etc etc)

    You are in an eggshell... and you have forgotten that you are my mother, my father and my child..

    You are my enemy and my friend.. you are the horizon where the ocean meets the sky.. you are the cycle of day and night.. you are me and i am you.. we are one and we are two.. like droplets in an endless sea of expression and change.. you are nature and you are human... your possibilities and potential are both infinite and undeniable.. you are the epitome of beauty and brilliance in every sense of those words.. though words cant express the empathy i have for you.. for you are the truth of me along with the truth of the rest of us... and not only has it made me wiser, kinder and happier as a person.. it has set me free.. i wish to thank you.. for i am no longer a citizen of any nation.. no longer a believer of any religion.. no longer a worker for anyone but humanity and the natural world that moves us.. Peace be with you where ever you may roam.. and may you use your current conscious vehicle to truly discover yourself.. become loving as the means of becoming humane.. become humane as the means of becoming more civilized.. and become more civilized as a means of fulfilling the true nature of humans..

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    This is nothing wrong with you. A lot of people feel this way. I don't know why our society sucks so much but it does. I feel similar. My family says I'm weird for not being like everyone else and it's so annoying. I believe when you follow the crowd, you lose your personality and become a mindless zombie

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    Do you like Van der Graaf Generator? They're from about the same period, although their music's a little different.

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    THere's nothing wrong with you, there's something wrong with them as a whole. They just refuse to admit it because they're 'fitting in'. Just live the life you'd be proud to live and it'll all be alright

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    Because society is rotting to the core. And ready to collapse.

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    society gone wrong can thank selfishness gone crazy

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