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Help with character names?

I am in the process of starting a new story. The main character is Casey Adams and she starts working for the CIA. There she meets the other main character. He will eventually become her fiancée so his last name has to work with Casey's first name fairly well. He also works in the CIA and they are both field agents. They are similar in age. He has medium dark brown hair, with grey/blue eyes and Casey has dark brown hair with brown eyes. So just name ideas would be great! Thanks!

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    William Evans

  • Jackson Desmond

    Neil Lawrence

    Richard Longmire

    Nicholas "Nick" Bradford

    Victor Franklin

    Lionel Greene

    Ian Carbone

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    Robert Kent

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    Zach Linford

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    Wyatt Andersen or Felix Quinn?

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    Adam Tracey, grandson of dick, so she might be casey tracey! lol Maybe luke, as it is his destiny to marry her! um, well Bruce Buckingham, or just Bob Beavis.?good luck with ur story, email me if u use the names, maybe u could write me in as a villain that does jail and runs a gambling ring or something.

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    Come on now. If you're going to write a story you can at least come up with your own character names! What's this world coming to?

    Also, lol @ womenz in the CIA

    Just joking.

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    Stephanie, Ruby , Beth hope those helped. i just made some up on the top of my head

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