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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CareFirst Aid · 1 decade ago

Ace Bandage-Leave on or let breathe?

I fell today and landed on my elbow. It isn't broken but the doctor said that it caused shock and that I have tendonitis (I use my right elbow a lot in lifting at work). He wrapped it in an ace bandage. Should I take it off to let it breathe or leave it on? How soon and how frequently should I let it breathe?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Keep the Ace bandage on, unless your arm swells up, and it cuts off your circulation to your fingers. It's porous, so no need to take it off to let it breathe. You can take it off while in the bath or shower, but other than that, keep it on so it provides some support to your damaged elbow. If you find you have difficulty in lifting any weight, or if your arm pains when you move your elbow after 48 hrs, gettin an x ray might be a very good idea, if you haven't had one already.

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