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Average 14 year old vertical jump?

I'm not talking about 14 turning 15 i'm talking about barely turning 14 going into high school. i'm 3 inches away from touching the rim, and i have a 7'8 reach. i just tested, and i can jump 25 inches. i weigh 200lbs also. Haters i know you will say something bad because i'm good. example: Lebron James.

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    So what exactly are you asking?

  • 3 years ago

    Start Jumping 9 -15 Inches Higher Today!

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    Hey. I have the same standing reach as you but i can grab rim with one hand. I probably have between a 27-30 inch vertical. You must have hops and some strong legs because i weight 150 pounds and you weigh 200. Nice job. If you drop some pounds you'll definitely be gettign your head over the rim

  • 4 years ago

    That's wrong because your standing reach is basically 7 foot and 25 inches added to That would put you at a jumping reach of 109 inches regulation 10 foot rim is 120 so your reach would end up 9 foot 1 inch

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    10 years ago

    Nice. I have about the same reach, and i can touch the upper part of the net, but i'm 230lbs. I can jump pretty high for how much i weigh, and you weigh a lot to, so you're doing good.

  • 10 years ago

    god i can barely jump that high!!

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