How active do you think your club will be in this years trade week?

Steven Trigg (Crows CEO) said earlier in the season that we will be active in trade week. I'm not so sure if that'll happen, given how well our youngsters have been performing.

I dont want us to trade just for the sake of trading. If we're going to trade I want us to to actually get a proven player. I know sometimes that's a hard thing to do, but as we all know, you have to give up quality to get quality.

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    I here ya what you saying Crows-91...totally agree with ya.

    But, we as Crows supporters, know what Adelaide is like...when it comes to trade week. Neil Craig hates it...hence thats why Adelaide does not do anything spectacular, nor do they want to trade any player for another.

    They should have traded Trent Hentschel and Jonathon Griffen when they had the chance to. There were many other players in the past..Adelaide should of traded in, and like you have to give up quality to get quality.

    I here that Adelaide would be active this time round, lets hope they don't trade any of Adelaide's young hopefuls. Two players who might be trade bait is David Mackay and Richard Douglas, I know both players wanted to go back home at one stage.

    Its a hard one..but if Adelaide wants to be successful, they must trade and must delist the dead wood, so to speak.

    Out goes...Jarrhan Jacky, Trent Hentschel, Jonathon Griffen,James Sellar, and Brad Moran. Unlucky, but why keep players, if there not getting games because of injury or poor form.

    Edit...I must add, with the retirements of Goodwin, Burton and Edwards and possibilty of McLeod, Adelaide would have money to spend on new players...high profile players that is. Now that is what I want.

    Trade Griffen and get Will Minson (Bulldogs) maybe.

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    As you've the Crows will be more active in trade week this year. We got some trade bait.

    Shaun Mckernan is of to a few Victorian clubs and might seek a trade home.

    Richard Douglas trade stocks have greatly improved this year so if a good offer comes along we should accept.

    Chris Knights is rumored to be home sick. Could be used in a deal to get Ryan Griffin.

    Brent Reilly is in career best form and we should test the market.

    Even though he's not worth much trade wise I think we should accept any offer for Jacky.

    We trade Johnathan Griffin.

    Trade Targets

    Ryan Griffin

    Will Minson

    Josh Hill

    Travis Varcoe

    Sam Jacobs

    I disagree about Mackay we need to keep him here for as long as we can besides he only just signed a new contract.

  • shifty
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    carlton are in need of bookends at this stage. thornton is playing in 2s and i think that he will be traded this season. carlton must be fuming that they didn't trade him to hawthorn. when they had the chance. jamison is having a very ordinary season. and bower has been out of the seniors for most of the season. they definitely need a centre half forward or full forward. as they have just about exhausted all ways of filling these positions. lochie henderson will mature in time. but has trouble with contested marks. brad fisher has been out most of the season injured. and just seems to be 1 of those players who has trouble puting in a whole season of late. and jarrod waite. would be much better suited at centre half back running the ball out from that position. when he is not suspended.

    i have no idea who they will target. but i do see some of the players that i have mentioned finding it hard to stay with the club. and could be used as trades. im still very worried about carlton's small brigade up forward with hard ball gets. and it would seem that other clubs have spotted this weakness and yarran and gartlett have been found wanting since the mid season break. just not good enough as far as im concerned.

    cheers mate.

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    I don't think the Tigers will be overly active, we recruited some good young players last season and i think we'll persevere with those players, might ad a couple, but I don't think we'll be too active.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wonder if the saints will try and get more speed into there mid-field considering they failed last time round (Andrew Lovett). If not we should look for some young talent.

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