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Should the Phillies trade Oswalt for someone like this J.A. Happ guy?

Should the Phillies trade Oswalt for someone like this J.A. Happ guy who pitched 6 shutout innings tonight against the Brewers?

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    Wow, one start where he is roughed up a bit and people want to get on him. I question the intelligence of some of you on here. I can understand Braves or Mets fans criticizing him because they're looking for a reason to hate, but for the rest of you; I don't get it. He is clutch down the stretch, during his career he has a 56-16 record with a 2.79 ERA during July/August/and September. He also had one day to get his stuff ready, situate his family, and fly down to Washington to pitch. Can't wait until he shuts up the envious people on here in his next couple of starts.

    BTW, good for JA Happ. I wish him luck, such a classy guy.

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    This is Oswalt's second bad start in a row, the Reds shelled him a few days ago.

    The guy is a good pitcher, but Phillies are still on the outside looking in and with about 55 more games left that gives him about 10-11 more starts during regular season.

    If in that time period he goes 10-2 fine, but if he goes 7-5 thats just not enough.

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    Thanks for giving us this star pitcher. roy oswalt is the most overrated player on the astros. just like when the phillies took lidge from us. he was a failed pitcher in houston, then when he goes to the phillies he became a hero.

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    i guess he is know 0-14 against the NL East great trade for a team that plays most of its games against the NL East

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    i wouldnt lose confidence. everyone has the ocational bad start. unluckily, this one was his first start with a new team. doesnt make him a bad pitcher.

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    Are you dumb, it was one bad start, even Halladay has struggled, and anyone who says this trade was a bust dont know what they are talking about

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    no, i think oswalt is cool.

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    Thanks alot, Philly. Now Braves can clinch the division you ignorant fools.

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