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Happy Birthday Harry Potter and JK Rowling!?

I guess because this is meant to be a question..... I HAVE to ask something

Why do YOU love Harry Potter?

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    and JK ROWLING!

    Best day of the year.

    I love Harry Potter for so many reasons. It is impossible to list them all. Infinite.

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    Happy Birthday Harry! And JK Rowling!

    BQ: Harry Potter, the character? Or Harry Potter the books?

    Either way, they're both amazing. :)

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    Harry Potter is written amazingly!! I love Hermione and Luna and instead of having a crush on Edward or Jacob, who has a crush on Harry Potter? Guilty!

    The plots are amazingzingzing and there's never a dull moment, PLUS there's some romance thrown in along the way.

  • Happy Birthday to one of the greatest authors of all time and the series that become world-known :)

    Why do I love Harry Potter?

    When I was little and this book first came out, I heard about it in school. My best friend Staci was always trying to convince me to read it but I never would because of my father. For those of you who don't know- I grew up under a mentally abusive father. He taught me many insane things but there were these little rules such as - don't read/watch movies about witchcraft because its the devils work. When I was really young, I believed everything my father told me. If he told me I was going to die that night through some terrible natural disaster - I listened.

    As I got older, I began to realise that the things he told me weren't true. I tried desperately to get away from it all without getting in trouble with him. So I started doing really small little things behind his back to create my own idea of right/wrong.

    If you haven't already guessed it - Harry Potter - was my first little move away from my dad. My first rebellion :) I saved up my money and went out and bought it. After reading it, I loved it and continued with the series hidden under my bed.

    One day he found them but oh well. I bought more copies :P

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    Hi, J.K Rowling actually intended that name change. Professor Slughorn is obsessed with knowing famous people, and in his own way influencing them, by extension he is *only* interested in knowing this sort of people, for example Harry and Hermione. Harry is the boy who lived, the supposed Savior for the wizarding world, The Chosen One. Hermione is of great intelligence, Slughorn evidently see's potential in this. This statement, shows us that he would only bother to learn the names of those he was actually interested in. Ron is a prime example of this I do believe as someone else mentioned he is also called Ralph at one stage there. Another character who mistakes names is Professor Binns, take a look at the second and first book, I believe his mistakes many names in a very short space of time, I found it rather entertaining too. Hope this helps.

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    I honestly just broke out in tears because Harry Potter's birthday means so much to me.

  • Yes yes, happy birthday Harry and Jo! :)

    I love Harry Potter because it's actually a good story, not like so-called 'books' nowadays with self-absorbed brats falling in love with sparkling vampires just because they're handsome and sparkling vampires falling in love with self-absorbed brats just because she smells like food.

    Harry Potter actually teaches dozens of virtues, especially with friendship.

    I love Harry Potter because I grew up with it, it reminds me of when my biggest problem was a scratched knee, when I was little.

    I love Harry Potter because you actually have to get your mind working to get the whole plot right, not a lot of people are loyal, die-hard fans because they don't like to think to get the plot right, which isn't very bright. A lot of adults complain that movies and books nowadays don't make the blood circulate in our brains. Meaning, you'd have to have a smart-enough brain to be able to get Harry Potter. And that's brilliant, at least for me.

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    Harry Potter is just awesome

    it's entertaining in so many ways

    it never gets old no matter how many times i watch it

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    Happy birthday Harry! And JKR!

    I've been in love with the series since I was seven or eight. I'm probably more excited about this day than my friends' birthdays.


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    Harry Potter is the reason I'm happy


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