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Help can I play quarterback?

Hi, I was wanting to know what it takes to play QB for high school, last year i played lineman and i want to play QB this year REALLY bad! I do have pretty good accuracy and i can gun a ball while keeping it under control. I am 6'2 and i weight 215 and my 40 yard dash is a 6 flat(i know its slow)... is that good enough, if not what should i do?

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    u can throw the ball good but to play quarterback u have to be a team leader. u also have to make the best decisions with the ball. those are the most important, not if u can throw the ball good r how fast u r. u may want to lose a lil weight to. try to aim for about 190 to 200 if u can. good luck bro.

    Source(s): i am a junior high school quarterback and i wouldnt say im that bad lol.
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    throw ball good

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