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Jackie Chan or Jet Li?

For the #1 spot, since bruce is gone.

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    JACKIE CHAN what kind of question is that JACKIE CHAN IS NUMBER ONE

    Jet li is good but jackie is better

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    Jackie was raised in the Beijing Peking Opera school where he learns stunts, acrobatics, singing, acting, etc. He also learned kung fu but not mainly.

    Jet was in the Beijing Wushu Team, so his kung fu is better then jackie. But he has less of a acting value then Jackie.

    His movies are aimed towards a more mature audience though. Whereas Jackies is aimed towards a more friendly.

    In Acting range, I have to give it to Jackie.

    In Martial Arts. I have to hand it to Jet.

    Source(s): Being Chinese :)
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    well they're kind of different in a way, jackie chan is more aimed at children, where as jet li is aimed at a more mature audience, but i'd have jet li in the frame if you want my opnion

    hope it helped ;-)



  • 10 years ago

    hmmm Jackie Chan not only can he fight but he is funny and actually talks alot

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