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Hey R&P, have you ever had a really bad concert experience?

So last night I went to see Slayer, Megadeth and Testament and I thought I would have a pretty good time and I did when I saw Megadeth, but everything else just kinda sucked. So first off the friend I was going with was the poser I was talking about before and he's still the same. He never shut up even when bands were playing and he would point out the most obvious things like "this is an old [Megadeth] song". Then I couldn't get a shirt cause they were $40 and I only had $45 with me so it was get a shirt and not eat anything or eat nothing for the next 5 hours, and the guy I went with wouldn't lend me $5 so I could afford a shirt when he had $80 with him. One good thing was that I had great seats that were the closest you can get before floor. Then the next terrible thing was I had to leave early so I didn't get to see all of Slayer's set and I really wanted to hear Angel Of Death which was near the end, because my dad didn't want me taking the last train cause if I missed I would've been stranded but Slayer's set ended at 11:00 and the train didn't come till 11:50. I did get to see all of Megadeth and Testament's sets and they were both great. The train was also bad cause the poser I went with claimed that Slayer was really overrated (I will admit Slayer are a little overrated) and Metallica were overrated only little bit and get this apparently Lars Ulrich is a good drummer hahaha. Sorry if I'm sounding like a bit of a jerk but as you can see I'm still mad. Anyways, have you ever had a bad concert experience?

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MQ: what do you think of my song of the day?

MQ2: Who do you think is more overrated Slayer or Metallica?

MQ3: Can you put a price on peace?

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    I actually had a bad pre-concert experience at Megadeth too, during the R.I.P. tour... Ok so first off, I get there around 12 and I'm the only one there, and then some kids get there (14-15) who came in all the way from Albuquerque... well they seemed ok, until they pulled out their little mp3 player and started playing some god-knows-what bullcrap deathcore/metalcore bullshit... By 2 o'clock i was getting annoyed and there wasn't many people so I went to go get a pack of cigs, and I smoked half the pack until the doors opened... here's where it gets interesting:

    Ok, so the R.I.P tour was gonna be at a club and I had bought my tickets online the day they became available... the show sold out and it was moved to a bigger venue, but the virtual tickets were supposed to still be honored, you just had to take an I.D. to the will-call window. Well, no one was there until like 5, and when they finally got there, some asspie announced "all of those who bought your tickets off of need to form a second line over here". Whatever, I went along with it... then the asshole goes on to explain that once we get in that line, we'll get our tickets and have to go back to the main line... RAGE!!! they almost had a riot on their hands, until they finally came to their senses and decided that they would let in both lines simultaneously...

    To give us our tickets, the jackasses decided that they would take our ID's inside, then come back out with an envelope. Considering that we're all long-haired dudes with black shirts, it was a clusterfuck to say the least, and keep in mind that those asshole kids haven't turned off their **** shitting music yet... I looked inside and could see the boxes with the tickets neatly organized in alphabetical order.

    "A through L, left side! M through Z, right side!"

    "Last name?"

    "Muñoz" I would say, and hand over my ID

    *verify ID*

    "Ok, here you go"...

    HOW HARD IS THAT!? It's not rocket science, I should've been running the damn thing... Whoops, just gave out my last name, lol.

    Before they let us in, we had to empty out our pockets... I had to throw away my wallet chain, my pack of cigs, and my lighter. When I just think of all the cigarettes that were thrown out I almost wanted to leave the show, steal the dumpster, and live like a king for the rest of my life, lol.

    Anyway, when we (finally!!) got in, it was first come first serve so I had to run all the way to the front of the theater... Some buff mexican bulldyke in a neon yellow vest says "you need a pink wristband to get in"...


    So there I was, running up and down the theater looking for the lady with the pink wristbands, some dude was trying to shove me out of the way so I elbowed him in the face and told him to calm the hell down... I got my pink wristband and fought my way to the rail, which I proceeded to defend from skinheads, 6 foot tall scenetards, and fat mexican guys for the remainder of the show, and gradually my spot got smaller and smaller because the people next to me couldn't fight off transgressors...

    After the show I bought another copy of Endgame so that I could get a yellow wristband and be eligible for the meet & greet with Dave and Dave... The line was full of morons talking sh*t about Metallica and Megadeth and any other assorted band they could think of... I got my autograph and a small chance to talk to Dave, until the angry british guy overseeing the meet and greet told me to move along...

    MA: If its not Hell Awaits, Show No Mercy, South of Heaven, or Seasons in the Abyss, I don't like it.

    MA2: Calling Metallica overrated is overrated.

    MA3: *my dad walks in* "What is this garbage you're watching? I wanna watch the news" *changes channel*

  • Scouting for girls. That's because the band is crap though. The only reason i went was because my friend was giving me the ticket for free so i thought i might as well. The best part of it was probably when i went into the venue and managed to miss this single step. That was fun.

    Another gig i didn't enjoy too much was Muse, I went to see them last year in November. They used to be my favourite band. The thing i didn't like was that i was being completely crushed, i could barley breathe. Then i was in a constant mosh pit which also wan't too good. I fainted three times at that gig. Had been fairly near the front at the start then ended up at the back. :(

    If i had wanted to buy a Band T my friend's would have lend me the money. The guy you went with sounds a bit stingy. Haha. I've also had to leave a gig early so i didn't miss the last train plus the band never started till late so i only saw like half an hour of their set! :( I would have punched that poser.

    1. Each to their own... haha.

    2. Don't think i can really judge because i never really heard any Slayer songs and only know a few songs by Metallica.

    3. I really think it should be free.

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    That's terrible dude. I've never has a really bad concert experience, just mediocre ones.

    MQ: One of the best Slayer songs \m/

    MQ2: Metallica, actually. Slayer had a huge influence on all the early death metal bands in the world, whereas Metallica influenced a far smaller group of bands. I like Metallica more though.

    MQ3: I'll be the first in line.

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    I can understand why you're annoyed although I'm still jealous cause while you were doing that I was bored at home. Haha

    I don't think I've been to a bad concert though to be honest. Well, maybe some local shows but not counting those. Since I don't have that much money I try to choose things like which concerts I go to wisely because it would be terrible for me to waste my money on something I'm not going to have a good time at.

    MQ: Not my favorite Slayer song but definitely an amazing song.

    MQ2: Metallica

    MQ3: No

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    Deep Purple "Perfect Stranger's" tour in 1985 Vancouver Canada. This was the original MK2 lineup reunited for the first time since 1973. Ian Gillan was having trouble with his voice during this time, and the four of us walked out of the Pacific Coliseum about half way through the show, as did many others. Trust me...his vocals were unbearable. He received several boos that night. Many of us thought he was going to walk off the stage in the middle of the show. I felt so sorry for him.

    MQ: Cool. Though my personal favorite Slayer album is still their debut "Show No Mercy".

    MQ2: They are what they are. Very popular Mainstream Metal.

    MQ3: Peace sells, but who's buying?

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    That really does sound like it sucked. Like really sucked. This is really retarded, but I actually feel sorry for you :P *facepalm*

    Well I went to see Joe Satriani a few weeks back, and one of my fellow guitarists forgot their ticket, so I too was stuck with a music poser. Seriously, I know how annoying they are. It's just like "you're not impressing me, so shut the hell up and be yourself dude!"

    MQI: I don't like Slayer, so I don't like it. Sorry :P

    MQII: Slayer is definitely more overrated. How can you even ask that? :P

    MQIII: Depends if you can bribe terrorists and dictators.

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    the worst thing that's ever happened to me at a concert was my uncle wouldn't buy me a beer still a great concert but im under 21 so no beer, damn, but Alice in Chains were ******* great they played like 25 songs Shooter Jennings was Meh but that's how most opening acts are anyway.

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