who invented the coffee lid?

who invented the coffee lid

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    There are dozens of patents on anti-spill lids for drinking containers. Originally, the anti-spill lid was intended for children, who would routinely knock over their beverages. The earliest patent I could find on this sort of lid was #2003657 issued in June of 1935 to Roy Irvin Stubblefield. It was basically a form-fitted cap with a perforated lid. It wouldn't be until the advent of disposable cups and take out restaurants that we would need to invent a spill-proof beverage cap for adults.

    In December of 1975, Frank H. Erdman was issued patent #3927794, which related to a molded plastic cap for a cup that one could open by depressing a tab.

    Finally, in February of 1979, Larry E. Payne et al were issued patent #4138033 which described a molded plastic cap which could be resealed. This is where the coffee lid starts to resemble what we expect to see at a fast food restaurant. And although there have been many similar lids invented before this, it is the first to meet the requirements of:

    ~opening intended for sipping, not entry of straws

    ~being the lid to a liquid container and not the container itself

    ~intended for adults

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    Wow. It's been years since I perked coffee or even had a cup of perked coffee. I switched to drip because I like it better--not because it's easier to make (which of course it is). I had a Corning ware electric percolator and a Pyrex stove top one. The coffee directions said 2 tablespoons per cup. I didn't make mine quite that strong. But, I remember that the secret to a decent cup was to let the water bubble up through the tube and over into the basket without boiling the water in the pot. That would make the coffee bitter. I remember having the opinion that aluminum stove top percolators gave the coffee a metallic flavor.

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    a guy that kept spilling his coffee. . could have been a chick. . . either way, a spiller.

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