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how did palestine and isreal split?

why are the isrealies and palestines fighting

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    "Palestine" never 'split' off from Israel...Israel sits in roughly 15% of what 'was', at one point, the Palestine Mandate. The original split of the mandate was when the Brits formed the state of Transjordan on roughly 80% of the PM, and gave it to a Saudi family from the Hejez in order to prevent cross border raids into then-French Syria from provoking French military action into British territories. Transjordan (now Jordan, currently ruled by a man who killed approx 70,000 "Palestinian" Arabs when Arafat threatened his crown during Black September, btw. The things that get forgotten because they don't make good anti-Israel propaganda...) **is** the original Palestinian state. The second division came when a second Arab state was again formed on the territory, with the Arabs receiving the more fertile grounds, and the Jews receiving a checker-board like arrangement based on territory they had purchased from Ottoman & and local landlords (many of whom were killed in an anti-British revolt in the 30s) and the Negev desert. Jerusalem was an 'international' city, administrated by the UN (gee, that had a lot of promise!), with a Jewish population of about 20,00 that was separated from the Jewish state by miles of hostile, Arab-dominated territory. The question you are actually asking is how this arrangement went to hell. The short answer is that the Jews agreed to the plan, and the day after the arrangement went into effect, the Arabs invaded the Jewish state and tried to kill everyone within her borders.

    The current two territories called 'Palestine' these days--Gaza and the West Bank--were annexed in 1950 by Egypt and Jordan, two years after a failed attempt to wipe out Israel and commit mass genocide on her inhabitants. In 1967, Egypt, Jordan and Syria again made an attempt to wipe out the state of Israel and commit mass genocide on her inhabitants. Again, they lost, and the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and Gaza were seized by Israel.

    So, to answer your question as to 'why the israelites and palestinians fighting...those who subscribe to Arab imperialism (the notion that every inch of the ME is Arab land, and that minorities in the ME are not entitled to political self-determination upon the collapse of the Ottoman and later European Empires) believe that Israel has no right to exist, and Jews in the ME should be ethnically cleansed. Israelis believe that their state has as much of a right to exist as any other, and that Jews should not be ethnically cleanesd.



    Jub B--wrong. The land *was* the Jewish homeland, and has been continuously inhabited by Jews, for 4 millenia...longer than anyone else. The land wasn't inhabited by Arabs until the 7th century, AD. In addition to the fact that most Arabs who claim to be "Palestinian" are descendents from recent--by recent, I mean 'in the past century--migrants to an uninhabited backwater of the Ottoman Empire from overcrowded population centers in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Arafat himself was Egyptian, born n' raised in Cairo (of course, liar and propagandist that he was, he claimed to have been born in Yerushalahim).

    You do realize that not all Joos are white, don't you? Or that a quarter of Israeli Jews were ethnically cleansed from Arab lands---where they had lived continuously in communities far longer than any Arab presence--, as well? Or that 1/2 of Israelis are Arabs, either Muslims/Druze/Christians or Mizrahi Jews? Or that Zionism dates back to well before 'after WWII', and Ashkenazi Jews were invited into the region by the Ottomans? Or that the original referents of the word "Palestinian" were, specifically, Jews who lived in the Mandate?


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    maximum international locations are on the two factors, hoping for a 2-state answer wherein Israel could return maximum territory not held in early 1967, and wherein the Palestinians could kind a state in the West economic corporation and Gaza, in territory help by ability of Egypt and Jordan from 1948 till 1967. i assume from the responses above that that's some kind of trolling particularly than an attempt at learning, yet while it quite is an attempt at learning, sorry you wound up with the rants above. The Balfour assertion and conflicting declarations from British colonialists one hundred years in the past had almost not something to do with the founding of Israel, much less modern-day conflicts.

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    In the 1920s the Palestine mandate split into Palestine and trans-Jordan (later Jordan), 1948 Egypt and Jordan illegalyl seized Gaza and West Bank what was to be the state of Palestine. Israel has always been Jewish land, Jews have always lived there. Most of the land of the reborn modern Israel was bought by Jews from wealthy Arab landlords.

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    This goes back centuries. Read this link, and it will be helpful, but probably not all inclusive. What's sad it that after centuries of fighting and killing, no one from either side has stopped it.


    Three thumbs down about what? The hate & killing continues to this day. So again I say that no one on either side has stopped it. When all the fighting and killing stops BY BOTH SIDES will those of you who gave the thumbs down, be right. For now, you're wrong and the continued killings proves it.

    Source(s): Observations, not personal opinions.
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    The Palestinians are defending themselves against the Israelis and the Israelis are striking pre-emptively but also retaliating from Palestinian rockets. The Israelis go on the offensive since they have plenty of weapons and antagonize Palestinians. Israelis control all the land in the area. Palestinians want to have self-determination without Israeli control of every aspect of their lives. They cannot agree on a Palestinian state on a number of issues like borders, settlements, capital, right of return.

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    Where is Israel is located is religious land for 3 major religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity)

    This land has been fought over since biblical times and was not the home land of the Jewish people until after WW2 when they were given it as a homeland, displacing the Palestinians. Now they both consider the land their land.

    That's the very simple version.

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    lack of understanding... Divide and rule

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    Israel was given a chunk of land (against the wishes of the owners) and stole the rest. Israel was given this chunk of land based on promises that Israel immediately broke.

    Source(s): Israel is a foreign invader in Palestine
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