Why do many Americans refer to Spaniards & Italians as "less" White than northern europeans?

Throughout my lifetime I have encountered native Spaniards and Italians and those people are without a doubt White! Americans in general need to travel ouside their enclosed U.S.A bubble and travel to Spain and Italy.Being there with the native southern europeans will expand their racial awareness. Native southern europeans are the SAME race as northern europeans which is White.

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    American white people think they know everything, then leave america and found out they don't know sh-t. Does that answer your question?

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    Wow Peter showed his immense ignorance. The true European gene is the R1b, which came from the Middle East and the Caucasus and belonged to the original european populations like Italics (Romans and their neighbours), Celts and the Germanic tribes.

    The average presence of R1b is:

    Germany: 45%

    Italy: 49%

    France: 61%

    England: 67%

    Spain: 69%

    You can see all these countries have a massive presence of R1b, meaning that these nations have the SAME genetic roots. Let's now check the genes J1 and T (semitic, near eastern, arabic, ethiopian):

    England: 0.5%

    France: 1%

    Germany: 1%

    Spain: 5%

    Italy: 6%

    pretty negligeable isn't it? So all the trolls that go around saying that Italians and Spaniards are half Arabs should kindly shut the **** up and learn something.

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    I am indifferent studyes to the averages and nonsense.

    go to Spain for example Barcelona and take a walk around the mall to see how many spaniards find which appear blacks or Arabs .

    we're white, if it is true that there is a higher percentage of brown with brown eyes in the Nordic countries.

    I´am 100% spaniard and mi father is southern spain

    in summer we get brown and not red shrimp

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    Because the Southern countries are hotter and some people have more melanine. But Anyway, Europe is the origin of the white race and any European country is much more white than USA.

    I'm Spanish and I don't know where the stereotype of us being dark comes from. Some of us (some) are slightly darker than Nordics because of the melanine. And we don't have any "moor" ancestry:

    Romanians are not Southern Europeans and they have twice the darkness some of us have.

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    How many Americans have you encountered in your vast years of experience?

    I know they're white everybody I know knows they're white.

    Its not fair to lump all americans in one group.

    Screw you.

    And screw the moderators that run this piece of **** site too.

    They let the hate America crap go through..then delete anything from someone who takes offense to it.

    If We said something like that about someone else they would delete it out because its derogatory or some other crap.

    Take every point I have I don't give a rats ***.

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    1 decade ago

    The Americans who do that are usually skinheads or aryan nation trash or just plain ignorant. They also claim Polish and Eastern European people aren't white.

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    It's not just Americans, but the British, Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians and many other European nations that think this.

    It's because it's true - look at the average racial composition of the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish person. They have FAR higher mixing of other races in their DNA. Studies have shown them to have as little as 1% Nordic ancestry, and Nordic is considered 'pure white' or whites that have little to no other racial mixing. They were not even considered 'white' until the late 19th early 20th Century. When the first Italians arrived in the UK, they were ostracised and referred to as 'wogs'.

    My friend (who is Indian) visited Italy last summer. The Italian people constantly mistook him for an Italian. Compare the average Italian football crowd to the average English football crowd and the average Palestinian football crowd. You tell me which they resemble more closely.

    Call yourselves white now all you like, as that's what's 'politically correct', but what's scientifically correct is that you are definitely 'less white' in comparison to the natives of Northern European countries.

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    1 decade ago

    i find them white, there still from europe and most people think anyone from europe is white

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I still consider them white...

  • Me
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    1 decade ago

    because the the US people are idiots! at least that is how we are portrait on tv

    answer mine please

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