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Child DayCare......Jobs??? <3?

I was wondering, do you have to go to school to work at a child's day care?

and if not, what types of jobs are there?

Thanx! <3

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    I depends on where you want to work, what state or country you live in and the company you want to work for.

    If you want to work for a public school organization, they will require a Masters degree many times.

    Working in a child care facility as a lead teacher may require no education to a BA degree depending on the state and the company.

    Your best bet is to check with your local child cares to see what the qualifications are for the jobs that they have. You could work:

    in a public or private school

    in a child care facility

    in a drop in child care

    in an in home child care facility

    in a fitness center or other business that provides child care for it's patrons

    at a library or other organization that facilitates playgroups

    for an educational organization that goes into child care centers (computer, dance, Tumblebus)

    If you want to work in a child care facility, the positions usually include:


    Assistant Director

    Lead Teacher

    Assistant Teacher


    Source(s): A great community of Early Childhood Educators
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  • All day-cares in my area require some type of degree or experience in child care outside of your home. They have to be cpr certified and have a clean background check. I don't know about other areas or states, I am in Virginia. But as for what types of jobs there are, generally there is a head director that makes up like lesson plans and schedules activities, then you have around 3 to 6 people that do hands on things and keep the kids under control. If there are babies in the facility around here they require you to be CNA certified.

    Source(s): kids in daycare
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    Daycares can hire you at 16, in any state; however, you can not be left alone without someone in the room over the age of 18(paid staff, not just a parent, etc.). There are no certifications required; however, depending on your state, you may be required to to complete 20-50 hours of introductory child care courses. Check with your states licensing agency.

    Source(s): Teacher and Director
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    Right now you don't have to have any certification to work at daycare's but in about a year, everyone will have to have a C.D.A. (an associate degree). They are taking childcare very serious now

    Source(s): I am a childcare provider
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