Balance druid (moonkin) or shadow priest for pvp and end game raiding -dps?(wow)?

i have a 55 balance druid and a 29 shadow priest. im new to the game and i dont really know which class is most needed in raids?

some things is like in a class


good pvp

high dps

wanted for raids

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    I just want to mention something (not to say the person above me is wrong), but I'd probably switch the PVP and High DPS around sometimes.

    I've found that Shadow Priests can kick some major butt in PVP if played correctly. Druids don't really compare.

    As for DPS, both can do massive amounts of dps. Though in the raids I've been in, Druids are actually higher on dps than spriests are.

    Survivability - Definitely druids. Especially with barkskin, a boomkin can usually stay alive much onger.

    As for the "wanted for Raids," it all really depends on your server. Nowadays, (for example with VoA), ranged dps is needed quite often, so both would be very beneficial. And since both can heal as well, that would be helpful too.

    Source(s): 5 80s (including a spriest and boomkin)
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    Druid by far...

    If your low in health on a shadow priest you have to go out of shadow form heal then go back in....

    But same as with druid if you want to heal you have to go in and out of forms but it's almost instant and there are spells you can use like entangling roots to hold your enemy as you heal.

    Survivability: Druid

    Pvp: Druid

    High DPS: Priest

    Wanted for raids:Both (since they are both DPS)

    You should dual spec Resto and Balance on your druid.

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