Why were Jews killed? Why did people think Hitler was a good man?

In my honest opinion, Hitler did what he had to do for his country, however, was killing all those Jews necessary? What were they blamed for? What did they do wrong?

And lastly why do many people think he was a good man? I think he was a good leader and a powerful speaker but i TOTALLY disagree with his idea of killing Jews.

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    When Adolf Hitler was a frequent out-of-work artist in Bavaria, a lot of extreme right wing politicians and statesmen in those regions (mostly from the lower middle class) held the view that in World War I, Germany had been "stabbed in the back" by socialists, communists, Bolsheviks, intellectuals and Jews. Culturally, the legendary dagger-stabbing of the German Army parallels Siegfried's fate in the epic poem Song of the Nibelungs, wherein Siegfried - the heroic pinnacle of German culture - is stabbed in the back by Hagen von Tronje when the latter finds out about the warrior's weak spot on his back.

    The Dolchstosslegende ("stab-in-the-back legend) popped up because most Germans at that time thought that the "unpatriotic acts" of Social Democrats (of which there were many in the Reichstag) and Jews (of which there were many in Germany, and held or worked in businesses that were considered crucial to the World War I cause - such as weapons manufacturing) contributed to Germany's loss.

    Contributing to the Dolchstosslegende were -

    1) Strikes in the German arms industry at a critical moment of the offensive, leaving soldiers without an adequate supply of materiel. Most of these strikes were allegedly concocted by people allied with Social Democrats and Jews.

    2) Kurt Eisner's (a Berlin-born Jew) essays on the illegality of Germany joining World War I; he also had a hand in concocting the aforementioned war materiel manufacturing strikes

    3) The temporary German "civilian government" immediately sued for peace once Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and the military government dissolved. The signature on the document for the armistice was Matthias Erzberger, an anti-war advocate (and a Jew). This led to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, in which Germany was forced to accept a War Guilt Clause - meaning, Germany had to accept complete responsibility for the hostilities and put up war reparations that practically exhausted a lot of financial resources.

    Now, imagine a humiliated Germany, with hyper-inflation and rapidly escalating unemployment after the Treaty of Versailles, a weak Weimar Republic, an embattled deutschmark, reduced territory and cost of living that would hardly feed a family of four (much less a single German). This is the stage set for Adolf Hitler (who absorbed all the prejudices of the lower middle class of Bavaria and Munich) and carried that Dolchstosslegende notion with a blueprint for revenge, expansion and conquest that was to be fearsomely carried out. Many a German citizen had no money and no job at that time, and when a leader assumed power and that showed that you can have a job, you can keep that job, and you can have money to stash away, I guess most Germans had to go with the flow. After all, those were times that Germans felt that they had their backs to the wall.

    Personally I don't agree with his methods, most especially his battlefield logic. But to turn around a nation shod with economic conditions no one would wish upon another in a short span, that is something.

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    He came to power when Germany was in depression as the treaty of Versailles, created by French, British and American leaders, forced Germany to pay for their war debts. The people of Germany were angry and needed someone to blame. HItler was anti sematic which means he was against Jews. HItler wanted to create an Aryan race, white people with blond hair and blue eyes. Hitler blamed the jews for causing the war and the german people followed his example. Jewish people did nothing wrong, they just had been blamed. German people thought Hitler was a good leader and man because they thought he was helping them. They didnt know what his plans were. HItler wasn't a good man. Some people think he is because he got Germany out of their depression but he was an evil man who killed over 6 million people.

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    If after 'directly' and with premeditation, causing the death of 6 million men, women & children for their fault of being born on the other side of a fictitious racial divide, if a man can be called great, I wonder there would be no criminals left in the world, as all are good in comparison. There appears to be a movement to restore Adolf Hitler as an honourable man, by some diseased minds. Such moves should be scotched before the virus spreads further. No German needs feel ashamed on account of Hitler, but they'd be shamed if his later-day advocates acquire even a modicum of power over other men. Why Hitler, there are many other men (statesmen like Conrad Adenauer) that bring pride and smiles of satisfaction to Germans.

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    You say Hitler did what he had to do for his country yet I can't fathom how killing six million Jews and five million non Jews could have been in any way beneficial.

    The Jews did nothing wrong and neither did the gypsies,homosexuals,disabled and members of other groups murdered on his orders.

    Hitler was the epitome of evil.

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    They were blamed for causing the first World War. In a way, it was Woodrow Wilson's fault because he forced Germany to accept the blame for the first World War. The Jews were seen as corrupt and Hitler thought the only way to reclaim Germany was to eradicate them. People may view him as a good man because they could personally hate Jews or they are able to see he did what he thought was right and almost succeeded.

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    Hitler wanted everyone to be like him, and since Jews didn't believe the same things as him, he hated them and thought the only way to get rid of Jews was to kill them. Many people feared him, so they followed him. And some people agreed with him so they thought he was good and was doing what's right. People thought jews caused the black death and were just truly awful people.

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    Hi Darling(:

    1.Okay, the Jews were blamed for Germanys loss of WW1.. & Hitler brainwashed that German people with that idea. The Jews were their "scapegoat".

    2. Hitler was a good politician, he got Germany out of the depression. But, what he did to the Jews was VERY VERY wrong. Therefore, I completely hate him.

    Hope I Helped!

    Take Care(:

    Source(s): Knowledge on the Third Reich & "The Final Solution"
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    Hitler had the idea that the Arian race, (tall, blue eyes, blonde hair) was vastly superior to any other race. He legitimately believed that the Jews were next to rats in the phylogenetic tree. Jews were not the only ones persecuted, Russians, homosexuals, and Christians were also persecuted. All of these peoples were sent to work camps, which there were several hundred of, but there were also several, about 7 if I am correct, death camps were people were killed. Plain and simple, Hitler wanted a "superior Arian race", which is ironic because he himself does not fit into this category.

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    Hitler did no good whatsoever for his country. Following the destruction of WW2, Germany experienced an economic renaissance, and eventually joined the EU. Germany now dominates Europe -- without tyranny.

    Without Hitler, Germany would have achieved this position even more rapidly, and the world would have been able to concentrate more fully on the threat of Russian communism.

  • Kevin7
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    10 years ago

    Hitler was an evil man that killed for illogical racist reasons

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