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If illegal immigrants are directly related to drug crimes, why don't we legalize drugs and tax them...?

..that way the back alley crimes could come to an end, and we could pump more money into our economy


@Leeann, if we legalize weed, 10 years from now creak users will be using the arguement the weed smokers use today

Update 2:

@Richard B, what do you mean we should stop using drugs? I hope you know asprine is a drug.

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    Because drug lords have lobbyist too and they are willing to spend millions out of their billions to stop anything so heinous as legalizing and regulating drugs. That would put them out of business and paying a few hundred politicians and experts a few million dollars is a pittance next to losing billions if it was legal.

    The politicians and pet experts sell us the idea that legalizing drugs is immoral, it would make everyone of us into an addict because those of us who have never felt a need to fry our brains could never resist doing so if it were legal. Besides, they say, we are winning the war on drugs, our laws are 100% effective and the fact that illegal drugs has grown into a trillion dollar industry with drug lords who enjoy the status of princes even in our country should not be taken to mean they are successful. Being listed in Forbes as one of the wealthiest men on Earth doesn't mean your business is making money and owning palatial estates and private jets and luxury yachts just shows how badly they are struggling to stay afloat as our brave forces close the nets that inevitably will crush their minor trade.

    Why would we legalize drugs when anyone can see how close we are to total victory over this crime. Legalizing drugs would be like surrendering on the eve of success. We buy that of course. Because we are oh, so gullible.

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    The big fallacy is that illegal immigrants and drug dealers are not the same. Its possible some people "paid their way" across the border by carrying drugs, but the drug smuggling and the recent drug war has nothing to do with the immigrants.

    The Mexican drug dealers have no intention of living in America. They get the drugs across, get the cash and live very well in Mexico.

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    Because with the DEMONcrats support of government run health care, and just the loopy loony lying liberal bent to excuse every perverted evil behavior as not the fault of the person(s) committing these criminal/immoral acts.

    You'd soon have to PAY for the drugs that dope fiends were using.

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    1) the overwhelming majority of I I are looking for work and fleeing grinding poverty and violence

    2) some drugs might be legalized to reduce the demand

    3) May be we should STOP USING Drugs

    Drugs and immigration are both political economic problems but are most unrelated

    read some sociology

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    LMAO. If we legalize it & add tax it wouldn't be SO BAD. Teens who wants to do BAD things don't HAVE anymore BAD things to do so we wouldn't really be worried....think about drinking. U.S. teens think it's SO BAD and COOL to drink and get drunk while driving...while in other countries they don't give a sh*t as long as you have the money and pay them tax, so kids and teens over there can careless about drinking because it's NOT BAD.

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    There are many good reasons to do this, however the government doesn't like to cloud the issue with the facts on this one. They're stuck in the seventies. Who can blame them? Old B-sterds

  • How about going all Arizona on them, which will get rid of the drugs altogether.

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    To much money being made at the top.

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    Pillboxes & mines will solve the border problem.

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    I do agree, if they legalize marijuana.. everything will change and will affect our economy up but if they legalize meth and cocaine.. i will be very disgusted.

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