george lopez episode help for viewers?

In the t.v. show george lopez there is an episode where carmens ex jason is on the opposing debate team, and then they make up. Carmen asks for birth control pills, and gets a new car at the end. What is the episode after that, or the next couple after that and what r they called. Also do you know when they will be coming on time warner cable [date and time) than you

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    Prescription for Trouble" Gerry Cohen Jim Hope January 11, 2005 412

    When Carmen asks for birth control pills, George is immediately angry with her reunited boyfriend Jason. But when Jason informs him it was Carmen's idea, George goes on a search to find out the real story, but it's Carmen's idea!

    68 "Friends Don't Let Friends Marry Drunks" Gerry Cohen Allen J. Zipper January 18, 2005 413

    While taking Max and his friend Ricky out, George and Angie discover Ernie's new girlfriend is Tammy, Ricky's birth mother. After finding out she is pregnant, George has problems convincing Ernie not to marry her.

    69 "George to the 3rd Power" Andy Cadiff George Lopez January 25, 2005 410

    George becomes frustrated with Max' dentist when he accuses Max of being a wimp for getting his braces loosened. George then lobbies to have the company's dental plan changed, by sneaking behind Jack and Mel's backs. Eventually, it turns out Max only wanted to get his braces so loosened they would be taken off, all because of a girl he likes. Guest starring Michael Clarke Duncan as Max' dentist and Paul Gleason as Lou Powers.

    70 "George Gets Assisterance" Andy Cadiff Danielle Sanchez-Witzel February 1, 2005 415

    After finding out a budget cut cancels special ed, George and Angie attend a PTA meeting run by George's sister, Linda, the superintendent. After some complaints of George, Linda finds out she is actually Mexican and adopted. Now, she wants to meet Benny.

    71 "Sabes Quake" Bob Koherr Michael Loftus February 8, 2005 416

    When a 6.2 Earthquake hits the Northridge area, it cruelly affects George and Carmen, as they sleep outside for the next few days.

    72 "George Takes a Stroll Down Memory Pain" Joe Regalbuto David Grubstick February 15, 2005 414

    When Benny demands money for a box of George's old things, he is shocked to learn Benny (unbeknownst to him) helped him and Angie start up a life, but she also owes George money from a source he never knew about.

    73 "George Buys a Vow" Bob Koherr Robert Borden February 22, 2005 418

    George uses a fake wedding for his boss as a cover to renew his vows with Angie, but with Angie planning the fake wedding, she begins to ask too many details with guest star Robert Rodriguez and his band Chingon.

    74 "George Watcha's Out for Jason" Victor Gonzalez Paul A. Kaplan

    Mark Torgrove March 1, 2005 417

    When Angie and George discover Carmen has been going to Jason's unsupervised for the past month, they confront the couple, only to find Jason's parents are out of the country - because they've moved. When Jason goes to jail for throwing a party where drugs were brought, the police have to send him out of town, thus ruining his possible chance at a pro baseball career. Much to George's chagrin, he allows Jason to stay with the Lopez' -- as long as he and Carmen can keep their hands off each other.

    75 "George's Grand Slam" Victor Gonzalez Valentina Garza March 8, 2005 420

    With Carmen and Jason grounded for throwing a party at Jason's and getting arrested, neither is able to do much. But George does allow for some bending when it comes to Jason's baseball career which upsets Carmen and her feminist poet friend (Hilary Duff) who is inspiring her anger. When Carmen questions George about going to college, George makes a big mistake in telling Carmen she has no potential. In the end, George goes to the poetry slam, and gets embarrassed by Carmen's poem about him being a dreamkiller.

    76 "George Needs Anchor Management" Joe Regalbuto Rick Nyholm March 15, 2005 419

    When an old friend of Angie's moves back to town to become a news anchor, George becomes jealous with her giddy excitement over him. But George comes to find out that Angie has not told him the whole story about this former boyfriend.

    77 "George's Relatively Bad Idea" Joe Regalbuto Stacey Pulwer March 22, 2005 421

    George gets caught up in some bad family ties when he lets Vic give him money (pays off the garage) to go out on a date with his sister. But, after seeing a kiss, George learns Linda isn't the only Lopez he kissed.

    Guest starring: Eva La Rue as Linda

    78 "George's Extreme Makeover: Holmes Edition" Victor Gonzalez Spiro Skentzos March 29, 2005 422

    George turns the garage into a business place for Angie using some old friends, but soon when the building is inspected, George forgets the permits for construction, and the garage is condemned because of some failed constructioning. Jim Belushi plays the building inspector.

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