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Is the government not going to allow you to register a car ?

Do you believe that select counties will limit car registrations

in order to keep pollution levels down ?

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    While deniers always seem to see conspiracies and plats in most things, the evidence to date is that Govt's are try to provide incentives for people to switch to using less damaging means of transport. With cash inducements both in Europe and the U.S. to switch to electric the U.K also offers tax breaks for more efficient cars as do a number of other countries.

    Admit idly we are at the start of the electric car (as a real alternative) but with (finally) two main stream manufacturers about to release real mass production vehicles (Nissan & Mitsubishi) costs are going to start coming down. I would say what Govt's will do is gradually make it very expensive to operate a gasoline powered vehicle but that it will happen over several decades, by which time fuel will most like have most people move to this sort of vehicle anyway.

    If you look at history this has happened before the first cars were far to expensive for most people to be able to afford (percentage wise as expensive as the limited run electric cars of today) till 'ford' introduced the assembly line which drastically reduced the cost and increased the number that could be built. As a guide the Model T cost $850 in 1909 the equivalent cars of the time were $2000-$3000, in today's money $3000 is over $70,000.

    As electric cars move away from being a hand built novelties like the $100,000 Tesla to real (affordable) vehicles that cost about the same as the equivalent fuel powered car they will become the dominant type of car, while there will probably always be petrol heads who will want gasoline powered cars, most people just want an affordable car to get from a to b, and as an electric car can do that for about a quarter the fuel cost (at today's prices) of a gasoline powered car and the cost of batteries is easily offset by the virtually zero maintenance of the electric engine.

    So yes, you will be able to register a car, it's just unlikely to be powered by fossil fuels.

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    I'm not sure which nation you are referring to but it is very unlikely that will ever happen. A nation's economic system is today built around people’s ability to use a vehicle and over the past several decades public transportation has lagged far behind to compensate for the loss of the automobile. A nation that does what you suggest would severely hamstring their economy pretty quickly. Of course there are also the implications of what would happen with automobile manufacturing if limits were placed on car ownership. There are ways a government can encourage its citizens through tax incentives to make better environmental choices when it comes to purchasing. A nation may be better to offer a tax rebate for the purchase of an electric or a hybrid than to disallow a purchase.

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    i don't see them cutting off any opportunity to tax us via fees

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