Roy Oswalt to the Phillies, watcha think about that?

Phillies practically gave up nothing to get him, and the Astros are paying more than 8MM of his salary. ESPN reports that he approves the trade. :D
Update: Utley for Prez/ Singleton,Scott Mathieson, and Anthony Gose. The Astros would also pay 12 mm of his salary. Practically gave up nothing. Even though Singleton is supposed to be Howards future replacement, I'll take it.
Update 2: Also, report is we got Jeff Keppinger who is having a solid year and that Singleton might not be in the deal. Please Ruben, let that be it.
Update 3: Lol, sorry Rob for the false hope, JA Happ is the Centerpiece of the deal.
Update 4: I'm sick of hearing about Cliff Lee, it's over and done with. Plus I would rather have Oswalt for three years over Lee for just one year and I'm pretty sure any Phillies fan would tell you that as well.
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