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What do you carry your hamster in when you travel? Do you even bring your hamster with you?

Well I realized I've always traveled with atleast 3 of my hamsters, and got a friend to take care of the others which was usually a mom with babies. I know I have always put each hamster in a cute travel cage that actually looks like a purse, and I can sneek them onto planes, and its big enough for them to be comfortable until I get to my destination and put them in there real cages.

So I was just wondering if you travel with your hamster, and what you bring them in?


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    awww! u hav babies! me 2! there cute arent they! Baby hammys r adorable! o-srry off track! Well u can buy a mini travel cage for hamsters at the pet store! But its ONLY for traveling! keeping ur hamsters n it for 48 hours would b just cruel since the cage is so small! N also, since u sneak them on planes then I guess thats not the answer! lolz! How do they even breath or move around n a purse? N how can u get it through security? Can u message me anwering that plze? o-trailed off again! ok, but if u r sneaking them on planes then i guess theres no need to use the mini travel cage, its not big enough to fit n a purse

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  • 10 years ago

    Um no :(

    If I do then I'll need umm... seven cages!!! I owned seven syrians : ( and other two cages for my 4 dwarfs o.O''' it's way too much to carry.

    I do bring my mouse with me when I travel!!! He's easier to carry, I can put him in any container: he'll fit in anything and he doesn't ask much for his cage. Well he only need something to sleep when he's tired, and the rest of the time he will stay on my shoulder (that's what hamsters can't do). If I put any of my hamsters on my shoulder it will either jump or just fall...

    BUT!!! If I'll carry one hamster with me, a dwarf one (syrians are too much destruction), I will get a cage like this one:

    It's cute, not too big, got a wheel, water bottle, and a tower!!!

    hmm... I'm thinking to buy one for my mouse!!! Cuz right now he lives in a bucket, and the cage is not that expensive : (

    My mom refuse to buy any expensive thing for him, cuz he's a "rat" (what she thought he is), and is unwanted by my friend, and I don't even know why my friend will buy him if she is not that into pet... she said he's cute, but then don't know how to take care of him.

    well if your still reading, thank you very much ;)

    I always have fun traveling with my mouse, well except for my mom (she hates him)

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  • Well, I have a guinea pig! So same type of thing :) I put her in a fairly large dog carrier that weighs a lot, so not too convenient, but shes comfortable. Ive had some people thinks she is a dog. If I need to smuggle her onto a plane, I'll use one that looks like a huge purse, like you do. I also bring my basenji puppy everywhere. I love traveling and so do my pets!

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  • I travel with all my pets! But I usually put her in the habbitrail Ovo or buy a plastic carrier and drill holes in it for her water and wheel.

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  • 10 years ago

    I don't bring my hamsters with me. I have many other pets: Cats, dogs, hermit crabs, fish, rat, so my hamsters just get taken care of by the house keeper.

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  • 10 years ago

    Well, I had a a guinea pig eat a banana

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