Move like Stephen King's Carrie?

I'm looking for a movie that I watched a while back about a young girl, who was overweight and thought to be ugly. In the movie, at least. She was mistreated by her family and she realized she had powers with her mind. It was a lot like Carrie, but i'm pretty sure it was from the 60's. Not knowing the name is just bothering me and if anyone could help that would be wonderful.

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    The Spell (1977 TV movie)

    starring Susan Myers, Lee Grant, Helen Hunt, James Olson, Barbara Bostock, Richard Carlyle, Jack Colvin, Lelia Goldoni

    IMDb review:

    Rita has a nice face and is not at all a bad kid. She's introverted but very intelligent. Her problem is her weight, which her classmates tease her about. To make matters worse, she has a knockout sister with whom she doesn't get along. It is hinted that her father has been guilty of playing favorites. Then, Rita learns she has special abilities and begins to fight back.

    You also might enjoy this other teen witch film:

    Midnight Offerings (1981 TV movie)

    IMDb synopsis:

    Melissa Sue Anderson is Vivian Sotherland, a beautiful and wholly evil teenage witch. Accustomed to eliminating anyone who gets in her way, Vivian has lovingly made certain that her boyfriend, David Sterling (Patrick Cassidy), will not flunk out of high school through the simple expedient of killing teachers. Alas, the clueless David throws Vivian over in favor of a new girl in school, Robin Prentiss (Mary Beth McDonough). Fully prepared to add Robin to her ever-growing list of victims, Vivian is rather put out to discover that her romantic rival possesses a few supernatural powers of her own.

    Here's Part 1 on YouTube:

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