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My predictions for the NFL playoffs this year.?


1. Jets

2. Colts

3. Ravens

4. Chargers

5. Patriots

6. Bengals


1. Saints

2. Cowboys

3. Vikings

4. 49ers

5. Packers

6. Giants

Wild Card Round

Ravens over Bengals

Patriots over Chargers

Vikings over Giants

Packers over 49ers

2nd round

Jets over Patriots

Colts over Ravens

Saints over Packers

Cowboys over Vikings

3rd Round

Jets over Colts

Cowboys over Saints


Jets 24 Cowboys 17


What do you think.

Update 2:

Lol, did you happen to see the Jets offseason.

Update 3:

@Jets, I would hardly call LT a has been, not what he used to be, but not a has been. And he wont be taking most of the snaps, Shonn Greene will. And I suppose J Taylor sucks too. Not to mention that they now have 3 capable recievers, none superstars, but all very good. I love people like you because its so fun to place bets and take all your money.

Update 4:

Also, I hate both teams, i'm rooting for the Lions, but we all know how thats gonna turn out lol

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    10 years ago
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    Lol, did you happen to see the Jets offseason.


    Yes, they downgraded their running game with a has been and then brought in never was to play corner. They wont even be a 500 team this year. Every year going into the season jets fans talk about how great they'll do, this year by week 3 when the Ravens, Patriots have their way with them and the dolphins beat them we wont be hearing anything more

    I do think the cowboys will win their division but I don't see them making it through the playoffs.


    I would hardly call LT a has been, not what he used to be, but not a has been.


    Yes, his big yards per rush average last season puts him inline with NFL greats such as Marion Butts, and that was on a team that had a passing attack that one had to take seriously.


    Shonne Greene will be taking most of the snaps


    Yes a 3rd round draft pick will be doing most of the work in the backfield for the jets. Most teams have their third rounders mowing the lawn their first year but the Jets will replace 2 of the leagues top running backs with a has been and a 3rd round pick. Sounds like a plan!


    3 Capable Recievers


    Yes and a QB who can hardly hit the blind side of a barn from more than 10 yards away. They could have Randy Moss, Anquan Bouldin and Reggie Wayne and it wouldn't matter!

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  • 10 years ago


    1 Colts 13-3 another dominant regular season

    2 Jets 12-4 dominating defense + additions of holmes, tomlinson, and wilson will fit in nicely.

    3 Ravens 11-5 boldin is huge addition as ravens make playoff push

    4 Chargers 11-5 Not quite as good as record shows but look at their division and schedule

    5 Titans 10-6 Chris Johnson will have MVP-Calibur year. too bad they are in the same division as the colts

    6 Texans 10-6 finally getting into the playoffs

    Wild Card

    Ravens over Texans

    Titans over Chargers


    Ravens over Jets

    Colts over Titans


    Colts over Ravens in a thriller


    1. Falcons 13-3 Turner will have MVP numbers, Ryan has another year of experience I like their defense and look for them to bounce back from last year

    2. Cowboys 12-4 Probably among the most talented teams in the league, but I expect them to revert to old form and struggle late

    3. Packers 11-5. Another team filled with pure talent. Rodgers will have a break out year. Defense will bounce back from embarassing performance in playoffs last year.

    4. 49ers 9-7 someone has to win that division

    5. Saints 11-5. A little bit of a struggle since everybody will give them their best shot, but still a strong year

    6. Vikings 10-6 assuming Favre comes back (which everyone knows he will), otherwise Eagles

    Wild Card

    Saints over 49ers

    Packers over Vikings


    Saints over Falcons

    Packers over Cowboys


    Packers over Saints


    Packers 31 Colts 26

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  • 10 years ago

    As a cowboys fan I wish they would be in the superbowl this season and they have the talent to do it but history says they wont be now who do I think will be in the superbowl the packers and on the afc side the patriots. aaron rodgers is only getting better and there defense is good you got a good qb and a good defense you got a team with possibilities but tom brady is gonna be back in full health and the pats are gonna do what they have been doing for the past 10 years.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think you are pretty dead on with the only thing being that if the Cowboys make the superbowl not even the AFC pro bowl team could beat them, no way the Cowboys lose the superbowl in their home stadium. Cowboys 35 Ravens 10. (could be the Jets same score)

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  • 10 years ago

    No way in hell the superbowl will be Jets v. Cowboys. Those two teams will be lucky to even make the playoffs...Jets won't even win the division (Pats will) and the Cowboys will not beat both the vikings and saints (probably won't get the wild card round bye either)

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