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Do you think that Owen Hart will ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame? + YWWA Presents GCW Vote/Promo?

Match 1; Two on one handicapped match: Deadman 4 Life vs The Breakthroughs

Michelle McKenzie in ring (read my promo 1)

Match 2: Siberian Wolverine vs Golden Falcon

Match 3: The NOOBS/Force (Cliff and Kawajai) vs Bio-Hazard and Darth Hendrix

The Legacy Continues interviewed (read his promo)

Match 4: Justin vs Charlie Scene

Graduation Bear’s return date announced:

Match 5: Ms. Extreme and Maria vs Amie and Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom

Psycho Dude 99 backstage with The Force (read my promo 2)

3rd person inducted into the HOF (read the bottom part of this question)

Main Event: Psycho Dude 99 calls out Deadman 4 Life (read my promo 3)

Upcoming YWWA Events:

YWWA Presents GCW Results: Friday in the early day

YWWA MEGA Show Vote/Promo: Friday in the afternoon

YWWA MEGA Show Results: Sunday

YWWA Hall of Fame: Monday August 2nd

YWWA Aftershock Vote/Promo: Thursday August 5th

Announced Aftershock matches:

World Title Match: Psycho Dude 99© vs Deadman 4 Life

US Title Match: Justin© vs The Legacy Continues

Women’s Title Match: Ms. Extreme vs Amie vs Maria

Winner Takes All for the Tag/Hardcore Titles (If The NOOBS/Force win then they keep all their titles, if they lose Hazard and Hendrix get the Tag Titles and URKO gets the Hardcore Title):

The NOOBS/Force (Wolverine, Cliff, and Kawajai)©


URKO, Bio-Hazard, and Darth Hendrix

Openweight Title Match: Dark Demon© vs Charlie Scene vs Golden Falcon

You all know the drill by now. This will stop being posted soon so if you want to be apart of this then let me know by this week if you have not yet told me you want in. Also feel free to discuss anything not listed.



Creating YWWA

Setting up for YWWA

Debut Episode

Early Beginnings

Psycho Dude 99

Graduation Bear


YWWA Originals

Tishelle Torture

The World Is Ours


Stewie Griffin and Rated O for Obama

Challenging YWSE

Gaining Popularity

People turn on Justin

Psycho Dude 99 steals YWWA

YWSE superstars start heading over to YWWA


YWWA’s popularity grows

Women’s Division

Tag Team Division

Masked Nightmare

The Dragon

Psycho Dude 99’s era of championships

Psycho Dude 99/Justin Screw Job hoax

Deadman 4 Life


Y2J The World Is Yours


YWWA Call to Greatness

YWWA Matches

YWWA Promos

YWWA System


Psycho Dude 99 as YWWA Owner

YWWA’s future

YWWA Breaking News!!!!!!!!!

After countless of people wanting to join YWWA, I’ve set up a solution. Darth Hendrix has an e-fed called YUWA, and I now own that fed. However, I am allowing Darth to continue running it 100%. The catch is, YUWA is now YWWA’s brand new training ground. Many have already known this, but for people established on YWWA, YUWA is not for you. It is a place for people wanting to get into YWWA and people already in YWWA that are having a difficult time getting over. We already have several members and it looks like a great roster thus far. As I said Darth will be running it by giving out pushes, making results, booking, etc. He is in charge and I am owner. That’s the best way to put it. So for anyone interested in either moving from YWWA to YUWA to help rebuild their career or anyone looking to join YWWA in the future let me or Darth know if you want in on YUWA. YUWA will kick off after Aftershock.

YWWA’s 3rd Hall of Fame inductee:

In a world where superstars reign supreme, there is only 1 knockout who has stood the test of time and has made her impact forever known. That woman is Amie! She may not have been on YWWA since the beginning, she may have taken a few breaks in her career, but she is undoubtably the knockout who has impacted YWWA more than anyone else. Debuting during the rise of YWWA, Amie joined in when there was already an elite group of knockouts. However, she fit in perfectly. She was able to join in on an era where the knockouts division was at its peak and was perhaps the most entertaining division in YWWA at the time. During that era she won Women’s Championships that continue to add up leaving her currently at a grand prize of 3 Women Championship reigns. She was showcased in both tremendous rivalries and matches with people such as Tishelle Torture, Jennifer, 101%Stratus Faction, Melina Mz. Paparazzi, Edgehead, and many more. After taking a few breaks here and there, Amie has continued to come back and prove she cannot stay away. Her impact now cannot only be seen in the ring, but out of it while helping with YWWA in the technological field doing tasks such as GFX and site outlines. Amie rightfully deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and perhaps no other knockout is more respected than her. Watch on August 2nd as her long time friend and rival Deadman 4 Life inducts her into her rightful home, in the Hall of Fame.


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    Match 1: D4L

    Match 2: Golden Falcon

    Match 3: Bio-Hazard and Darth Hendrix

    Match 4: No Contest

    Match 5: 2nd Team

    Promo 1:

    So tonight, in a pathetic attempt to weaken me a few days before our World Title Match at Aftershock, PD has placed me in a handicap match. He hopes that I'm assaulted and beaten down. He hopes that they destroy me, chip away at my strength, so that he'll have a better chance at retaining his title when he fights me. But PD, you overlooked something. I once took on 6 men at once, and I damn near beat them. So two? This isn't going to be a problem at all. You place two men against me, only? I'm insulted PD, and I show you exactly how great my power is.

    Most people would lose in a handicap match. Most people hate these types of encounters. Me? I love them. My back is to the wall, the odds are stacked against me - and all that means is that I'm at my most dangerous. Count me out simply because I'm outnumbered, and you're a fool. It doesn't matter how many I face, it doesn't matter how many people stand in my way, I never quit. I never give up. The Breakthroughs have been placed between me and the World Title. They're an obstacle. And for that, they must be demolished.

    Risky, are you seriously deluded enough to believe that you can end my legacy? Do you know how many countless men have claimed that? They've all boasted that they would destroy me, my career, and leave me broken. But do you know how many have failed? Every single one of them. You may get lucky tonight and beat me. But you wouldn't keep me down. You wouldn't end me. Trying to stop me is like trying to stop night from approaching, it's impossible. You both may be looking to make a name for yourselves, but it isn't going to be done at my expense. Risky, I don't think you know who you're talking to, otherwise you wouldn't be so c.ocky of victory. Give me your best shot, I dare you. Because it still won't be enough.

    Your partner, Mr. Blood, has been quiet. Not that I blame him. He may be a better partner for you than the others you've had in the past, but Risky, I don't care who you team up with. It doesn't matter to me. Mr. Blood thinks he's violent, he thinks he's strong, but I assure you, he's got nothing on my abilities. Tonight, I'll take your egos down a peg, and hopefully, next time, you think before you speak.

    PD, I hope you watch this. Watch how even though it's two on one, I win. Because even though you've surrounded yourself with The Force for protection against me, it's futile. PD, the destruction I cause to the Breakthroughs is NOTHING compared to what I do to you.

    (Promo holds no disrespect for anyone)

    Promo 2 aka Main Event Continued:

    PD, your attempt to "reason" with me is almost as pathetic as you. You claim you're trying to reason with me, yet all you're doing is increasing my anger. And believe me, that only spells doom for you in the long run.

    *Takes a calming breath*

    Sure, I haven't won the World Title yet. It's eluded me for my career here. But was it through any faults of mine? No. EVERY SINGLE TIME I had a World Title match, EVERY SINGLE TIME I came close to winning. EVERY SINGLE TIME I was poised to finally claim what was rightfully mine. But EVERY SINGLE TIME, someone would interfere and screw it all up. Whether it was GB, The Root, etc, the title would unfairly be yanked out of my hands. But no longer. I will not let that happen again. I'm sick and tired of coming so close, yet being screwed out of the title. No PD, I don't care what tricks you have planned. I will meet them head on, and I will crush them, just like I'll crush you. I'm not taking it lying down any longer. One way or the other, I WILL win at Aftershock. And nothing, and I do mean NOTHING is going to stop me.

    You want a truce? You want me to stop leaving you alone? Here's my answer.

    *D4L suddenly drops the mic and rushes at PD, striking him with his fists. PD staggers back at first but quickly starts fighting back. It's even at first, with both men slugging it back and forth. PD shoves D4L hard into the ropes, but D4L hits him with a huge Big Boot! PD falls down near the edge of the ring as D4L starts kicking him and punching him. PD quickly slithers out of the ring and runs. He makes it to the top of the stage when suddenly the lights go off, and when they come back on, D4L appears in front of PD! He clutches him by the neck, and makes the signal by running his thumb across his throat. But then Johnny Chaos comes from backstage! He hits D4L hard in the back of the head, causing D4L to let go of PD and turn around. D4L grabs Chaos, and looks straight at PD, who's backing away. PD does nothing to help, but simply watches, as D4L hoists Chaos high in the air and chokeslams him off the stage. D4L raises his hands as the lights flicker to end YWWA*

    (Promo holds no disrespect for anyone)

  • D4L




    Amie and RSCP

    Promo: The NOOBs may be ready to take us on but me and Bio will make them regret it. Ive been hitting the gym harder than ever because Aftershock is a big event for me. I get a shot at the Tag Titles again and I get thrown in the drivers seat and take control of YWWAs new development territory, YUWA. NOOBs, Ive talked enough about you and Im getting ever so sick of it so you two can go do stuff to yourselves while I talk about more important things.

    Yahoo User Wrestling Federation had the chance to take out the Yahoo! Answers wrestling scene but I blew it. I didnt put the effort... Nor the thought... required to keep it at the same level as YWWA. I had great wrestlers like Psycho Dude 99, Justin, Graduation Bear, the list goes on and on and on and on. The point is YUWA is back and this time with the up and coming stars of YWWA. Believe me it will be great and I can only tell you that the first show will not dissppoint.

    But with Aftershock so close I need to find focus. YUWA is not going to be a distraction however exciting it may be. I have two people on my team I cant let down. URKO is on the hunt for the Hardcore title and Bio and I looking for the tag titles once more. I kinda miss having gold around my waist and I wont let my cushy new office job stop me from reclaiming it. Originals will not be upstaged by the NOOBS so me and Bio will take out the NOOBS and build that all important momentum heading into Aftershock.

    I cant wait to get back into the YUWA General Management seat but that will have to wait. This week Kawajai and Cliff will experience the dark side!

  • D4L






    Once upon a time, there was a man named Justin. He was a good man. A man of the people. Fought for all the right things, and never let an evil man come between him and what is right. But one day, a man by the name of Psycho Dude approached him. They formed an evil plot to try and take over YWWA, and their plan has worked to perfection, until now. Justin, PD, I am sorry to tell you that this story will not have a happy ending for you. But for me, and all these people it will be a great ending. Because it will be the ending of The Force. The ending of PD's reign of terror. And the ending of a very very bad story. YWWA Fans, go to sleep, when you wake up, I promise, this will all be a dream. All a bad nightmare. The Force will be nothing but a foggy memory in the minds of those who were unfortunate enough to witness this. Just like Dark Demons openweight title reign. At aftershock, that will also come to an end. An ending of your title reign, and the ending of your career!

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    Match 1: The Breakthroughs

    Match 2: Siberian Wolverine

    Match 3: The NOOBS/The Force

    Match 4: Charlie Scene

    Match 5: Ms Extreme and Maria

    It's been a while since I've wasted my breaths talking to you fools. But gracefully, here I am with nothing but positive things to share with you all. Positive is not a relative term in this case. See, Deadman 4 Life exploited what is directly inexplicable about the YWWA outside of The Force. He exposed the barbaric behavior of the YWWA fighters. That barbaric behavior is the dreadful downfall that sets The Force apart from the rest of the YWWA. Darth Hendrix and Bio-Hazard are two very clear examples of that. At Call to Greatness, they predicted themselves victorious over King Cliff and I, but fell victim to us. Besides our extraordinary in-ring abilities, the reason they lost their tag team titles is because they had no self control. And of all of the men in this business, they decided to try for another chance against us. This time, they claim to rest King Cliff and I, but as far as I am concerned, their attitudes are much the same as they were a few weeks back. First they thought they could defeat The NOOBS, but even that was far out of their reach. To think they can destroy us now that we have The Force by our side is just a catastrophe. Tonight, the bodies of Darth Hendrix and Bio-Hazard will be forever forgotten. So think about what happened at Call to Greatness. Tonight will be no different. The Force will remain superior over every transvestite there is in this company. And to all of you and to Darth Hendrix and Bio-Hazard, you are witnessing history in the making!

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  • Breakthroughs




    2nd team


    (Risky staring at the sun)

    Beautifal isn't it? Natures wonders.The sun blazing in the sky, the light and soul of the earth.Magnificent.But you shouldn't stare at it too long, as it will severly damage you.Just like us.You shouldn't try and stop us for long.In fact, you shouldn't even try and stop us at all.You should just sit back and watch the inevitable happen.You should just sit back and watch as i take down your wall.I am the Braveheart to the YWWA's Rosters evil ways.It was like that for a long time.But then i arrived.At first subdued, then immortal.I spent months toiling the ring with my useless imbicile of a tag partner Moshi Man and i was stuck in the pathetic mediocricy of the NOOBS.But then i found Mr Blood, the salvation, your salvation, my salvation.Together we stood and we made our mark.But oh no, it dosen't finish there.Tonight we take another huge step towards immortality as we take on Deadman 4 Life.The man who has done so much in his career, he has been immortalized in so many companys worldwide and has a long standing legacy.And so have i.But this is my new start.We are The Breakthroughs, the hottest new stars in YWWA.Despite Deadmans pure, raw power and striking ability, it won't be enough.Tonight only two men will prevail, and they are myself and Mr Blood.I respect you Deadman.You have cemented your legacy and become an unsurpassable legend.But tonight, your legacy ends.And ours begins.You have done so much in your career Deadman.Tonights match will be nothing short of a classic.The winner will be unforetold.But there is one thing for sure.Our legacy begins tonight.Our YWWA legacys.YWWA does not know what has hit them.Thats all that needs to be said.Tonight, actions will speak louder than words.Tonight Deadman, you will Rest...In...HELL.Prepare Deadman.For some Risky Business.VERY Risky Business.Game Over.

    (Read BVK's promo for a continueation)

  • 9 years ago



    3.The Force

    4.Justin,just cuz hes in Force {H}

    5.Amie and RSCP

    Promo:So tonight iv got yet another chance to prove why I am the YWWA legend killer.I get a chance to prove why I am the hardcore champion.And tonight,I face none other than Golden Falcon.Now,if you people know your history,you know that iv already beaten Golden Falcon.I retired him when I won this title right here.He said if I cant win this title back,he would retire.And I beat his *ss,and thus started the SW Legend killer era.Now,as you can see,when Golden Falcon said he was leaving,he lied.Completely lied.Because as you see he is back.And now... Im going to have to finish what I started.I am going to take out Golden Falcon,again.I am going to end Golden Falcon's career,again.Because Falcon.I am not just a loser who goes around saying he is the legend killer and does nothing to back it up.Since retiring you,I have beaten legend,after legend,after legend.Just recently I beat PD's opponent for Aftershock,Deadman 4 life.I am a f*ckin god.Golden Falcon iv achieved more than you could ever dream of doing in YWWA.I am a member of the FORCE.We have every f*ckin title besides the openweight title.We have the world champ.The former owner.And the current owner.GF,ur doomed.I did it before,and i will do it again.I will end your career,again.Because I am the future of YWWA.I have conquered every challenge YWWA has thrown at me.I have conquered the haters.The people who said i would never make it in this business.And look where I am now.I am living high class.With all the women.The private jets.The fine whine.I am living high chilling with 5 of the greatest stars in YWWA history.Golden Falcon I have already proved myself to everyone,and now ill prove why Siberian Wolverine is STILL better than Golden Falcon.I am on a tremendous winning streak.I havent lost since way before Call to greatness.I will repeat,I am a GOD.I started a generation in YWWA.I am a role model.Your just a low down pathetic pest.You cant do anything in this business because your just lazy as sh*t.Youll never go anywhere in this company.You had your chance.But you blew it.Your time in this company is over.It is our time.It is FORCE TIME.This era will be known as the era of the force.Or the main event birth of Wolf,Cliff,and Kawajai.PD and Justin have taught us.We are better.We are transformed.I have taught Cliff and Kawajai,and now it is my time to learn.Golden Falcon,I am going to tear your career,AAAAAPPPPPPAAAAARRRRRTTTTTT!!!!!

  • Promo: Siberian, Siberian, Siberian. You think that you ending my career made you a legend's killer? Let me just get one thing straight with you oily, disoriented bastard. I AM NOT A LEGEND. It takes more than a title win to become a legend. In order to become a legend, you must somehow make a change in the business that you are trying to build your legacy upon. And I have yet to do that. All I've done in my YWWA was fail be apart of a tag team that failed, won the Hardcore Title for about a week, then fail to win it back, causing me to get retired. So does retiring me make you a legend/legend killer? Hell no. And if you're not a legend, then your damn sure not a god. As a matter of fact, I don't even consider you a true champion. There isn't one man in the Force that can look me in the eye, and say they deserve to hold the title they're holding. The thing Psycho Dude 99 needs to realize is that the prestige of the titles that are held inside the Force reduce day by day. The Force is nothing but a stable full of cowards. You guys walk around the arena in a pack with gruesome looks on your face as if you were trying to intimidate the locker room. Well I don't know about anyone else, but I am not intimidated by neither one of you. So Siberian, when we go one on one tonight, I beg of you, please invite the rest of the Force at ringside. I've been waiting for a chance to punch every single of your teeth out since the day I saw the Force and NOOBS unite. It's a shame that GM David Schmitt gave YWWA to such a jerk, Psycho Dude 99. Don't take me wrong, Psycho Dude has done a great job keeping YWWA up to date, but his action are a bit immature. I mean why would you just terrorize your own hard working superstars? You think that ambushing superstars and picking on women makes you a man? You're not fit to own YWWA, because you don't deserve to hold such a big role. You're a bully, and a loser, no matter how many championships. I'd rather than go on a RT losing streak than switching lives with you. I'd never force a women to do something she wouldn't do, then go and lay my hands on her. And that's because I'm a man. And one day, oooooh, that one glorious day, you will finally get what's coming to you, and you don't know how badly I hope that I'm the one that gives it to you. (pauses). Siberian, why would you want to be allies with a man like PD? You say you want to be like PD, but why? Why would you want to be a perverted jerk? I'm not here to persuade you... I'm here to warn you. Psycho Dude doesn't care about no one but himself. He doesn't want to take you under his wing, he just wants you to keep it warm. In more clearer words, he is just using in order to keep that YWWA World Championship around his waist for as long as possible. SW, to be honest, you really can succeed without him. You didnt need him when you won the Hardcore Title, so what thinks you need him now? Well... Whether you decide to stay with him or not, tonight, you will be welcomed to THE NEST!™

  • Amie's Promo Part 2(HSM turn to speak)

    First of all Amie i like to congratulate you on the news of you being inducted into the YWWA Hall of a fame regardless of the issues i have with the man inducting you but anyways congrats no one deserves that spot more then you and these toothless white trash idiots can boo me on that all they want it just shows that YWWA attracts the dumbest azzhole fans on the planet that dont know how to appreciate good talent even when the memo is stuffed so far up there azz it comes out thru theyre stinkin mouths and right in front theyre beady little eyes to read. I very aware the odds are stacked against amie tonight its damn near a handicap match. Just look at her tag team partner tonight Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom. Come on really? I understand theres no woman in the history of womens wrestling that can equal up to the atletlicism and success of Amie but damn , can you at least get her partner thats worth a damn?

    No matter Amie is the Womans wrestling goddess and can handle her own against the both of them tonight. She can beat those losers with both hands tied behind her back but thats not saying she needs to i saw those 2 wannabe b!tches make eye contact with one another last week. Dont even try to denie it Maria and Extreme cuz you know im right when i say you to are ready to turn on one another at any moment and if i was a betting man i bet it all begins tonight because your egos wont allow you to put your friendships before championships and that will be your biggest downfall not only tonight but at aftershock. Again denie that all you want but i know it these idiot fans know it, Red ugly phenom knows it ,the long gothic emo freak that beat me at call to greatness knows it and last and not least Amie knows it and when it happens she will pick up the peices and add more gold to her name and thats the bottom line.

    One more thing Maria dear , you may think i forgot about it but sure as hell didnt and trust me your words will make you pay for calling the Human Suplex Machine a pedo, are you insane? Do i look like the Black Captain Charisma to you? EH EH so dont ever confuse me with that fool ever again or you will recieve more then a Taz-Mission and that my sister is promise i refuse to break so best of luck to ya and same goes to you Ms Extreme and may the best woman win and now Amie will and that also is the bottom line because the Human Suplex Machine said so.

    (This promo is Kayfabe)

  • Promo:

    Tonight, Charlie Scene, me and you go toe to toe once again. You see, back a few months ago, everyone thought that you were one of Dustins closest friends. You guys were in "The Chart Top Mob", just to have that trust you had for him thrown in your face. You see, it was never real. The Chart Top Mob was nothing really. Just something to help pass the time by. Youre little team has nothing on what The Force is. Charlie, tonight get ready for one hell of a fight. Because its time for me to show everyone in attendance tonight, everyone watching at home, everyone backstage, just what The Force is about. And then, at Aftershock, TLC its your turn to find out just exactly what Im all about.

    {Sorry for the late promo, I was extremely busy last night.}


    Deadman 4 Life

    Siberian Wolverine

    The Force


    Amie and RSCP

  • Deadman 4 Life

    Siberian Wolverine

    Bio-Hazard and Darth Hendrix


    Ms. Extreme and Maria


    "Tonight, Maria and myself face the team of RSCP and the women,who seems to put me to sleep everything she opens her mouth,Amie!"At Breakdown,I have suffered defeat from the 3x Women's Champion,herself and after the match a Twist of Fate and tonight I still stand her tall and ready to fight and beat Amie's team." Tonight, I see that Amie and RSCP have disagreements about them being pared,which is like a strike of luck for your Women's Champion's team,how exciting?"These past two weeks have been hell for me because,first Amie's boyfriend, brother or sexual partner or what ever, who gives a ****,HSM, comes back after getting his *** kicked, finds a loophole,that says he can manage Amie and burtally "owns" me as Amie says but if he wrestles in a match then,he's out!"And second,she beats me,HSM is to blame maybe,but don't worry this plan I have is in motion and will come to play."Amie I am very excited to finally getting my hands on you and beat the holy scorn out of you."You may think your the whole package,but your not even worth a piece of crap,HSM must of put a drug on your drink or something to brainwashed to believe that you can take away my championship and maybe crush my hopes and spirit but this is the real world and everyone should know or already know that I can beat you with my two hands and send you a camp for bytches and putas." Also, HSM I don't fear you that much anymore because back in the streets in LA there we people stealing my money and trying to get me into drugs when I was young,but now I am very blessed and happy about what I did to myself." Tonight,may the best women win and obviously that's me and Maria." Amie,RSCP must hate you as much as I do I mean you talk alot instead of fight and you wine alot which get on my nevers alot..shut up and fight is my moto annd RSCP.."RSCP, I'm speaking for every Knockout and they are feeling really sorry for you to listen to Amie speak forever and maybe her asking you "does this outfit make my *** look big?" or" does this outfit make me look fat?" The answer for both questions is yes"Amie,you are not that great,just a fool who sleeps her way to the top of the company and really believes that you earn everything you get..really that really pathetic and sad"Come on Maria,let's beat some asses tonight and then at Aftershock,it's you,me and the puta for the title?" Amie, ta ta!" *blows a kiss to the camera*

    Source(s): Luv to break harts!<3
  • D4L

    Golden Falcon

    The Noobs

    RSCP's Team

    Promo:Tonight I have to team up with some shovel faced b*tch that I truly despise. What did I ever do to deserve to have to team up with such a loud mouth, obnoxious human being? Oh well. Some things you'll just never know. Shovel face, you may despise me, but really does it look like I care? You step in my damn way when we have this match and you better believe your a** will be carried to the back. You think just because you've been in this company longer that you're just going to talk to me any kind of way and disrespect me? Do you know who the hell you're disrespecting? I've been a multiple time women's champion in almost every company I've been in and your disrespectful a** will show me some respect.

    We've had problems in and out of the ring and I advise you to keep the problems that we did have (outside of the ring) out of the ring. No one has time to hear you rant on and on about me misspelling your damn name. You should be happy someone acknowledged you. I could've been disrespectful and said f*ck you and your name, but I didn't, so really take a chill pill and close your mouth, why don't you? You've been whining and moaning for months now. It's over and done with, alright?

    Now on to my opponents tonight; Maria and Ms. Extreme. I don't know Maria that well, but from what I heard she seems like a good in-ring competitor. I'm ready to see what you got, Maria. Now Extreme, we've known eachother for quite awhile now and we both know eachother in the ring really well. A title may not be on the line and we may not be going one on one with eachother, but it's always a nice challenge to face you. We've been rivals in almost every company we've been in and I'd still enjoy beating you to this day. You and Maria better bring your A-game, because I know I will.

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