How can I find a specific Famous american male actor that I dont know the name of?

I have checked all the top 100 male actor lists, Im pretty certain he american, don't know whether its predominantly films or TV he is in, he is I would say late 30's or 40's with short dark hair, mainly is in comedy stuff. Isn't in the top earners so isn't the obvious ones you might be thinking, I know what He looks like but just not the name, anybody help?



Cannot think of any films/TV programs he has been in, have tried my best to remember

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  • 10 years ago
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    what does he look like??

    What comedy shows?

    Why dont you google a movie he is in, look through the cast and if you dont recognize the name, copy it and paste it into google images and see if thats him.

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  • fred35
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    10 years ago

    Can you name a film he has been in? If so look on the Internet Movie Database (search 'IMDB') Itr gives the cast of each film and there is info about them personally.

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