Do you know what the logos of the Car Brand stand for.. for the BMW its a rotating Aircraft Propellers?

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What about the others: TOYOTA, SUBARO, ALFA ROMEO, MERCEDEZ BENZ, etc.. Care to share your knowledge on this, please. In Philippines we have Francisco Motors - who used horse as more
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Regarding the BMW Logo, here is the explanation of the logo:

The story behind the BMW logo
Until recently the story behind the BMW logo was linked with the aircraft engines. It was believed that it is a stylized representation of an airplane propeller spinning against the clear blue sky. But it seems that the origins of the BMW logo have a totally different explanation. Find out the truth behind the BMW logo. It was on 5 October 1917 that the BMW trademark was registered with the Imperial Trade Mark Roll under No. 221388. It featured the circular design of the Rapp logo but with the letters BMW at the top of the outer ring. The inner featured quadrants in the Bavarian Free State colors of blue and white - but in the opposed order - as it was illegal to use national symbols in a commercial trademark. (I know because my brother-in-law works for BMW.)

For the history of other car logos, go to this site:


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Its actually a tie between you and lezah, but she got the badge already.. I hope she'd understand why I gave this to you.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer.
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  • lezah answered 4 years ago
    Many car brands and the meaning of the logos.

    from wiki: Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, which in turn inspires the Subaru logo and alludes to the six companies that merged to create FHI (Fuji Heavy Ind., parent co. of Subaru).

    The horse on the jeepney is based on what I think is partly superstition and partly history, in that kalesas used to be the mode of transpo before jeepneys came to be.

    "The vehicle usually has pewter horses in front, colourful streamers or flags hanging at the sides of the vehicle. It is said that a jeepney without a horse/horses on doesn’t have the horse power to run."

    The history of the company is in this site. No mention of kutsero. But then again I don't really know. I guess the writer is a grandson maybe?
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  • pertinential answered 4 years ago
    I know that Toyota is a bull. Look at it and see if you can see a bull.
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