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Lines across pictures taken on a Sony DSC-S700 camera?

When im lining up for a picture the image in the screen is fine but as soon as i take a picture when i look at it there are horizontal lines across it. Sorry but i cant get any pics up to show right now. I would just like help with fixing it cause its getting annoying. Also it records video just fine. No lines or other probs. Btw the problem seems to be connected to lighting. If its too bright the lines across picture are a lot worse then when theres less light

Thanks very much

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    A horizontal banding problem is probably a defect in the sensor or processor. If it is under warranty get it serviced. If it is still within the store return policy's terms, return it.

    A camera that I returned to Olympus (after two unsuccessful trips to warranty service) in 2005 had a problem that your sounds like. The banding was sporadic but always in bright sunshine when it occurred.

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  • 10 years ago

    Try resetting the camera. Always a good move when a camera does something strange.

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