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I want to start a Communist Cafe. I need advice?


Ms. Minerva- I'm not pretending to be a communist, nor am I a communist. I'm just wondering how a communist themed cafe would be like.

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    Get a bunch pf people together and start it up sharing the profits and times you work there. You will all need other jobs as the cafe won't make any money to start but it may get off the ground eventually.

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    Move to a Communist country.....that way, you won't be in any way having anything to do with capitalism.

    It is always better to be a communist in a country that has really adapted communism. That way you can put your money where your mouth is, and everyone will really believe that you are truly a communist instead of playing at being one.

    EDIT...Okay, then, what you need to do is open a kiosk and just give away coffee to all your comrades......who will feel they are entitled to take what is yours as their right.

    That would make your "business" the most resembling Communist Cafe that I can think of.

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    Entrepreneurial advice for a communist outfit?

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    Stock it with Leninade. You can get it from

    or from Bev Mo if you live in Arizona or California.

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    Name it Starbucks.

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    Dont let the government know you are

    Source(s): my head
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