1. CONGRATULATIONS! Your engaged!!!!

What are you and your fiancee's names? (first + middle) also what are you and your fiancee's jobs?

2. Preparing for the wedding could be a fun!!

- the engagement ring, the dress, the flowers, the wedding, the reception!!! (add pictures!!!!)

3. When, and where is your wedding?

4. ITS THE BIG DAY!!!! :) what does the wedding look like (take pictures!!!)

5. After your big day, the honeymoon is next! where do you go??? PICTURES!! :)

6. When you arrive home from your honeymoon, you and your husband/wife decide to move out of the apartment and buy your first house!! What does it look like! (add photos) where do you move?

7. After settling in to your new house, you decide to start a family, so your husband/wife surprises you with a cute little puppy! what's his/her name and what breed?

8. After a few months, you find out your pregnant!!! you go for your first ultrasound-you find out the due date today, when is it! (yay!! first baby picture-add photos)

9. soon enough, your 5 months pregnant! you find out the gender today! (flip a coin, if its heads its a boy, if its tails its a girl!) Depending on the gender, if its a boy-his first name is anything you like, and the middle name is his father's first name. and same if its a girl except the mother's first name is her middle name.

10. BABY'S BORN ADD PICTURES!!! (when his/her birthday)

11. Your baby is getting so big already, its her first birthday today!!!(add pictures)

12. Soon enough you find out your pregnant again!! your first child is 2 now, (again flip a coin heads-boy, tails-girl) What's his/her name?

13. Uh-oh! your car broke down! time for a new car, which car do you buy??

14. Your children are growing up, your oldest is 4 and your youngest is 2 !! And today its your 5th wedding anniversary!! You and your husband/wife go on a vacation, the kids stay with grandma and grandpa! (where do you go???)

15. About a month after arriving home from vacation you find out your pregnant again!! this time twins!!!!! (flip a coin twice this time 2 heads=2 boys, 2 tails=2 girls, heads and tails=boy and girl)

their names have the same amount of syllables and if you like they can have the same first letter of their names.

16. Your oldest is 5 now, its his/her first day of school take pictures!!!! :)

17. Two years go by, your oldest child is 7, your middle child is 5 and the twins are 2 !! :) there getting so big!! The oldest wants his/her own pet for his/her birthday!! (surprise him/her with a pet, what is it? and whats his/her name? :)

18. Nine years go by and your oldest child is 16, your middle child is 14, and the twins are 11 now! Your oldest just got his/her license, time to buy another car! (what kind of car does he/she pick, and add pictures!!! )

19. Today is a big day!! Its your oldest child's high school graduation!!! Your baby is growing up! Throw him/her a graduation party!!! (TAKE PICTURES) What's his/her future look like? Where are they going to college if they are going? What is he/she taking up in school (major),etc.

20. Now your oldest child is 20 (in college or working?), your middle child is 18 (high school graduation!!), and the twins are 15 (just finished their freshman year in high school) You just found out your oldest is engaged!! Plan the wedding, where will it be, when will it be, etc.

21. After a year passes, WEDDING DAY! your oldest is leaving the nest and starting his own family!!, take photos of the wedding :)

22. One year later, your oldest has a baby (flip coin to find out gender) !!! awhhh first grandchild!! Feeling old yet?? What's your grandchild's name???

23. Now its been three years, your oldest is 25 and married, your grandchild is 3 now, and their expecting another!! your middle child is 23 and engaged, the wedding is a year away!! Your twins are 20 now, both are engaged, and one is expecting a child :) (ultrasound pictures!!)

24. Your grandchildren were born, what are their names, (flip a coin to find out gender).

25. Four more years go by...your oldest is 30, your middle child is 28, and the twins are 25, your grandchildren are now 8, 5, and 4, your expecting another grandchild from the other twin, (ultrasound) you and your husband/wife retired and decided to move to a better place for the both of you, where do you choose???



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