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I owe taxes, how come I haven't gotten a bill or anything yet?

I filed my taxes for last year and owe roughly around 400-500. I live in New York City. Why haven't I gotten a bill or anything yet?

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    You know you owe, and not taking care of it right away is costing you addtional late fees, penalties, interest. So if this is a Federal Debt (IRS) you can contact the balance due department at 1-800-829-0922.

    If you owe State Taxes then contact the New York City Department of Revenue.

    Good luck!

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    You are supposed to call them and arrange payment. As time passes your tax bill is increasing due to interest and penalties. NYC will wait as long as possible to get more money out of you.

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    You should have paid the taxes when you filed. If you did not you should call the IRS and work out a payment plan. Penalties and interest are accruing....

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    You should see it fairly shortly. It's growing for interest and penalties, so pay it off asap rather than wait for a bill.

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    why didn't you pay when you filed your taxes? you will be notified in time and all this time is just adding more to your eventual bill

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