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What cities can be used as a baby name? Dallas or Phoenix any other town/cities/villages used as a baby name

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    Abbott (Texas), Acton (Massachusetts), Alden (Michigan), Alton (Illinois), Austin (Texas), Baden (Germany), Beaumont (Texas), Boston (Massachusetts), Brandon (Canada), Brighton (Colorado), Camden (Maine, New Jersey),Camillus (New York), Carson (Nevada),, Chase (Virginia), Cody (Wyoming), Cortez (Colorado), Dallas (Texas), Dalton (Georgia),, Davis (California), Denver (Colorado), Diego (San) (California),Douglas (Wyoming), Durand (Wisconsin), Flint (Michigan), Garrett (Indiana),Hamilton (Bermuda), Harlem (New York), Houston (Texas), Hudson (New York), Hunter (North Dakota), Jackson (Mississippi), Kyle (Texas), Kent (England), Logan (Utah), Melbourne (Australia), Ogden (Utah), Owen (Canada), Phoenix (Arizona) , Quincy (Massachusetts), Riley (Kansas), Stamford (Connecticut), Trenton (New Jersey), Troy (New York), Tyler (Texas), Wyatt (Indiana)


    Adeline (Illinois), Adena (Ohio), Aspen (Colorado), Brooklyn (New York), Cameron (Missouri), Catalina (California), Charlotte (North Carolina), Chelsea (Massachusetts, Michigan), Devon (England), Eden (North Carolina), Geneva (Switzerland), Hailey (Idaho), Helena (Montana), Jersey (New Jersey), Jordan (Utah), Kelsey (England), Kennedy (Minnesota), Kingston (Jamaica), Lee (Massachusetts),, London (England), Lourdes (France), Madison (Wisconsin), Marion (Ohio), Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Raleigh (North Carolina), Salem (Massachusetts), Shelby (North Carolina), Siena (Italy), Sierra (California), Sydney (Australia), Venice (Italy), Victoria (Canada)


    Madison (Wisconsin)

    Elizabeth (New Jersey)

    Savannah (Georgia)

    Jackson (Mississippi)

    Mason (Ohio)

    Austin (Texas)

    Charlotte (North Carolina)

    Cody (Wyoming)

    Cheyenne (Wyoming)

    Alexandria (Virginia)

    Trenton (New Jersey)

    Lincoln (Nebraska)

    Mitchell (South Dakota)

    Aurora (Illinois)

    Dallas (Texas)

    Easton (Maryland)

    Kingston (New York)

    Orlando (Florida)

    Lawrence (Kansas)

    Chandler (Arizona)

    Dayton (Ohio)

    Warren (Michigan)

    Frederick (Maryland)

    Helena (Montana)

    Boston (Massachusetts)

    Eugene (Oregon)

    Gilbert (Arizona)

    Campbell (California)

    Memphis (Tennessee)

    Houston (Texas)

    Phoenix (Arizona)

    Logan (Utah)


    Kingston (Jamaica)

    Wellington (New Zealand)

    Santiago (Chile)

    Jose ((San) Costa Rica)

    Berlin (Germany)

    Washington (D.C.)

    Jackson (Mississippi)

    Austin (Texas)

    Montgomery (Alabama)

    Paul (Minnesota)

    Jefferson (Missouri)

    Carson (Nevada)

    Lincoln (Nebraska)

    Salem (Oregon)

    Pierre (South Dakota)

    Trenton (New Jersey)

    Richmond (Virginia)

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    I really don't like Dallas but Phoenix is nice and I think it's unisex. Another unisex one is Paris but personally I would only give those names to a girl.

    Others for a girl:



    For a boy I like Orlando or Austin.

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    Girls: Carolina, Raleigh, Denver, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Madison, Abeline, Anniston,

    Boys: Austin, Tuscan, River, Cary,

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    London, Bristol, Chelsea, Paris, Vienna, Lille, Jackson, Sydney, Brooklyn, Rome, Rio.

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  • I love Dallas, Denver, Ashur, Jericho, & Raleigh for boys, and I like Cheyenne, Olympia, Paris, Milan, & Savannah for girls.

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    There are counties in Ireland called Kerry and Clare.


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    Abilene (I love this one)



    Cairo (I;ve heard this for a boy)

    Dallas (boy)

    Shiloh (a city in the bible)


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    I used to want to name my son Dayton... It's a city in Oklahoma. (:

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    I like Austin. But if it's a girl, name her Austyn. That's pretty.

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    And i went to school with a kid named Nevada

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