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Which is more important in pc gaming, a gaming mouse or gaming keyboard?

I can't afford both at this time but what would you say I would need more for gaming? As of now I have a regular keyboard and mouse but what would I need more gaming mouse or gaming keyboard? I'm mostly going to play first person shooter and some racing games.

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    Depends entirely on the game. FPS games are all about the mouse for sure. A mouse with a very high DPI reading rate will provide you better accuracy when aiming.

    On the other hand, when playing MMO or RPG type games, a keyboard with more keys or programmable keys for macros will serve a much better purpose then a high sensitivity mouse.

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    A regular keyboard will do just fine, there isn't an awful lot of difference between keyboards. However, a mouse is more important, for fine things such as aim. Mouses with multiple buttons also allow you to have quick access to certain functions.

    Either way you put it though, you don't *really* need a "gaming" anything. Just get a mouse and keyboard that feel good, you don't have to pay a lot extra to get something which is only marginally better.

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    It's all personal preference.

    The keyboard will have programmable hot keys for ease... but that means learning to play the game a little different (if you're already into it). The mouse may have better traction/less skipping...

    I'd probably go with mouse.

    Although I've never felt the need to use special hardware for my games...

    For a FPS I might go for the keyboard for quicker access to inventory/maps/etc... but it's all personal.

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    The keyboard is a LIE !!!

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    mouse for sure.

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