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a pakistani airplane crashed today i feel sorry for those who died but i am scared again !!!!?

i have to take a flight for 8 hours and my family ignores my phobia what should i do

if i take strong sleeping pills , i feel scared if we fall right after we take off :((

or if the pills won;t work !!

btw i had a bad experience on the airplane b4

what should i do ?


thank you guys

as for dr. ripple , i am not from pakistan and i feel sorry for them because i am a human and i have a heart !

i have a phobia because of a bad experience that's why people like me focus on the negatives and have imaginations and look for any reason so we don't fly

and thank you very much potatochip for your answer it really helped

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    Though I don't know what airline you are flying and where you are flying from, I will assume you are flying in the U.S. on a U.S. airline. The U.S. has highly trained crew members who must meet certain federal government restrictions before they can fly. They go through hours of class training and simulator training. During simulator training, they are put to the test as to what would happen if something bad happened in flight. You should not have any worries about boarding an aircraft. Airplane crashes are extremely rare and only make news because of the rarity of its occurrence. There are higher rates of car accidents than airplane accidents.

    As for the bad experience, we all have bad experiences with things. Have you had a bad experience eating at a restaurant? If so, do you still eat out? I am sure many of us who have flown before have had bad experiences, but that will not keep us off the plane because air travel many times is the most efficient and quickest way to get from point A to point B. Instead of focusing on your fears, think about the fun you will have at the destination you are visiting.

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    think about the positves

    of an Airplane.

    and stop thinking about the negatives

    for example :

    An airplane is way more

    safer and faster way to travel

    And think

    that the pilots have a lot

    of experience.

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    Get over it

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