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how much thc is in different types of marijuana?

i was doing some research, and it looks like "chronic" is about 2x as expensive as the stuff they call "meds"

they say that "meds" is mid grade and "chronic" is high class

im not an expert in this stuff, i just want to know which one is best for the money because i dont want my friends to waste their money

what are the levels of thc in high vs mid grade marijuana bud?

does chronic have 2x the thc as mid grade?

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    Only a test could tell you.

    The THC value is not a given is it a probable. Some strains are known to be more potent, produce higher levels of THC, but ultimately that depends on how it is grown.

    Mid grade is not a defined term, Meds could mean Medical.

    Often mixed up using Medical to describe a level of marijuana. Marijuana used for medical purposes is medical marijuana. A pateint may only be able to afford Mexican. If Meds / Mids is not Mexican then

    buy half and half and compare OR go cheaper as a newbie.

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