What are some of the most respectable bands you know?

I might have to pick Scale the Summit.

They're a four piece band that plays instrumental progressive metal.

They have an 8-string guitarist, a 7-string guitarist, a 6 string bassist, and a very good drummer.

Yeah, at this point I'd be saying "Oh, they're just a bunch of music snobs" or something too.

But what makes them stand out to me is that the average age of the band members is only 22. That's just ridiculous. Check this out:


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MQ: So, how about yours?

BQ: Thoughts on Scale the Summit or the song that I posted?

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    Hmm, as far as respectability of bands goes, it's really tough to form anything that's not really an opinion.

    Bands like StS show incredible talent and drive, and it's very impressive what they've done with the unconventional band makeup. Using extended range guitars and that for example; but they're still metal, they're not going to be on a Top 40 chart anytime soon, which is unfortunate because their music will be widely unavailable to most people. As well, there are great numbers of people who don't dig instrumental music at all, and flock to lyrics for the music they like.

    In that sense of instrumentality, I'd pick a lot of post-rock acts to be incredibly respectable. The abilities of Explosions in the Sky or This Will Destroy You to convey emotion without the use of any words at all reminds me of just the value that music has in our lives and our world.

    Otherwise there are many other categories by which I could suggest respectability..

    As far as talent and youngness goes, I'd say Protest the Hero, because although Rody's voice gets tiresome for many audiences - they're incredible, incredible musicians and it's frightening how young they are, the depth of their work hopefully gives them a prolific career.

    Not to mention StS's touring mates, Between the Buried and Me, Paul Waggoner is probably the most incredible guitarist to come out of a band formed after 2000. And that's saying something. Their musicianship is so incredible, it's almost defeating. Nonetheless, they seem to have lost touch with the original roots of the prospect of writing songs and they're losing something about music with recent work. With things like "Colors," it's just like, look how good we are. And they are, but it doesn't have any of the meaning or depth or authenticity that music should have, that they had in the Silent Circus area.

    Respectability could also be found throughout musical acts of the ages, how they influenced artists we know and love today. The Beatles spring to mind, Robert Johnson forever changed the world of Blues guitarists, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, and so many other people that really did change things. Or the more recent acts that have come up as immortal in the Alternative world, making top 40 charts and still being respectable to music slobs. The Chili Peppers, REM, even if they do have bad works, they've always been musicians playing music from the heart.

    Anyway I'm kind of rambling. Most respectable band I can think of, personally, is the Smiths. Incredible guitarist, vocalist, a punkish drummer that somehow added to that sort of music, and a bassist who really knew his place in the music. Through a 5 year albeit prolific career though, this band evolved incredibly musically, yet it's all still so insightful and so fresh.

    And that song was sweet, they remind me of that one band Behold.. The Arctopus, as far as the instrumental extended range sort of instruments. I like it, I just couldn't listen to it forever. Cheers!

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  • 9 years ago

    Them Crooked Vultures. Their guitarist is Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, the bassist is John Paul Jones who played for Led Zeppelin, and Dave Grohl who was the drummer for Nirvana and started Foo Fighters. Great musicians.

  • 9 years ago

    For respect, I look for bands that are true to the musical process. Write their own music, play everything on the album...better live than on vinyl/cd. Lots of Jazz fits this category, but some rock group would include:

    The Verve Pipe

    Simon and Garfunkel

    Beach Boys





    Peter White

    Richard Elliott

    Boney James

  • 9 years ago

    MQ: Respectable doesn't = virtuosic, necessarily, although I certainly respect a musician who can play nearly anything. I guess I respect the musicians who know what they are doing, can write great music, and aren't (total) as*holes about it. But whoever writes the greatest music is subjective, imo some of them are:

    Miles Davis

    John Coltrane

    The Beatles

    Frank Zappa

    King Crimson

    Gentle Giant


    Allan Holdsworth

    Pat Metheny Group



    BQ: They are kind of basic, sure they sound all "badass" and make you envision giant razors carving canyons etc. but none of the musical ideas are interesting. I have this problem with a lot of prog metal and post petal.

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  • kappen
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    3 years ago

    Well, the most important might be MCR (My Chemical Romance) however they are now not quite categorized as Emo anymore. They're kinda their possess style. Um, Sullivan is quite cool, however they would be perceived as emo. Lol, I by and large should not be answering this question. I love emo track ;D

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    MA: Asia basically had more talent that Jesus

    BA: Great band

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