10 ways to reduce pollution as a family?

What can my family do to reduce pollution around our home?

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    1. Be sure packaging is recyclable before purchasing

    2. Recycle as much as possible

    3. Turn off lights as much as possible

    4. Carpool

    5. Quit smoking

    6. Don't start smoking

    7. Use reusable, bpa-free drink bottles

    8. filter your own water instead of buying plastic bottles

    9. mix sports drinks at home with filtered water

    10. use reusable shopping bags

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    Ways To Reduce Pollution

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    10 ways to reduce pollution as a family?

    What can my family do to reduce pollution around our home?

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    1. Carpeting gives off chemicals that are biohazard fumes such as formeldyhide. Don't buy new carpet.

    2. Pressed wood also gives off biohazard fumes such as formeldyhide. This is the wood that is usually used in assemble yourself furniture.

    3. Don't use vinyl shower curtains or mini blinds. They give off biohazard fumes that are cancer causing.

    4. Make sure paint is lead-free. Paint manufactured in the USA is, but paint covering items such as imini blinds made in China or India uses paint that contains lead. Lead causes nerve damage and can actually kill if enough is ingested such as small children biting things when they are teething.

    5. No smoking.

    6. No air pollution from candles, air fresheners, hair spray or cleaners. Go green.

    7. Keep your furnace cleaned and in good repair. Change the filter frequently.

    8. Cover pans when cooking to prevent or reduce air pollution. Use an exhaust fan when cooking.

    9. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

    10. Respect other people's hearing. Keep the noise pollution down by wearing ear plugs or turning the sound down.

    11. Don't burn your leaves in the autumn.

    12. Dust using a damp cloth to prevent dust from flying around.

    13. Have your pet professionally groomed. Brush them outside frequently.

    14. Use dustless litter.

    15. Use recycled paper products.

    16. Use less electricity.

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    1. Bike, walk, use public transportation, or carpool

    2. Compost

    3. Recycle

    4) Reuse items like plastic bags, envelopes, paper clips, etc.

    5) Pay your bills online

    6) Turn off all your lights and electrical items

    7) Switch from paper to cloth napkins and from paper towels to hand towels

    9) Purchase a hybrid vehicle

    10) Turn down (or turn off) the air conditioner or heat when you sleep or are out of the house

    11) Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your face

    12) Use energy saving lightbulbs

    13) Insulate your windows so heat doesn't escape

    14) Avoid running the dishwasher or clothes washer unless you have a full load

    15) Avoid using aerosol sprays

    16) Don't use bottled water--you can buy a Brita filter at any store

    17) Buy organic/local foods

    18) Use paper bags instead of plastic bags

    19) Grow your own fruits and veggies

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    1. Take the bus instead of a car. Or better yet, walk.

    2. Instead of putting the heating on, wear a jumper.

    3. Take showers, not baths.

    4. Switch of lights which aren't being used.

    5. Recycle.

    6. Give old clothes to charity

    7. Buy local foods

    8. Start a compost heap

    9. Don't leave all computers on standby, turn them off.

    10. Encourage others to do the same things

    :) x

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    Conserve energy. Conserve it at home, at work, everywhere. 2 Car pool or use public transportation. When air quality is healthy, bike or walk instead of driving. 3 Combine errands to reduce vehicle trips. Think ahead and save yourself both time and fuel costs, as well as sparing air quality from decreasing some more. 4 Limit engine idling. Idling adds more smog-inducing particles to the atmosphere. Avoid it unless absolutely essential for human health (such as keeping warm in freezing weather). 5 Refuel with care. How you refuel has an impact on air quality. To reduce this impact, consider the following steps: Stop when the pump shuts off. Putting more fuel in is bad for the environment and can damage your vehicle. Avoid spilling fuel. Always tighten your gas cap securely. 6 Keep your car, boat, and other engines tuned up. Inflate your car’s tires to the recommended pressure. This will produce the best performance for your car and reduces fuel usage. 7 Use environmentally safe paints and cleaning products whenever possible. Such paints and cleaning products emit less smog-producing particles to the air and are better for your breathing health too. 8 Follow manufacturers’ recommendations to use and properly seal cleaners, paints, and other chemicals. Carefully following the instructions ensures that smog-forming chemicals can’t evaporate.

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    Anything that reduces energy consumption:

    Installing solar panels

    Replacing regular light bulbs with CFL's

    Changing A/C filter frequently

    Anything that reduces gasoline consumption:

    Ridding a bike

    Keeping car tires properly inflated

    And of course recycling.

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