Should I inform or not?

So, the project is really going horribly and people are getting laid off. I was just recently laid off yesterday and had a question however. During the past couple weeks, I'd been in touch with a manager from another team in regards to a position within their team. I'm very interested in the position, especially since it encompasses pretty much everything i want in a job. The hiring manager said she would make a decision about who to hire by end of the week. during the interview, I had hinted to her that things weren't going so well with the project and people were leaving, including upper and middle management.

My question is this, should inform the hiring manager that I have been laid off? if so, how should I go about doing it? Or, what should I do?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well, that is a delicate situation you are in.

    You know the whole context.

    What would be the consequences if you tell her?

    What would be the consequences if you don't but she finds out?

    I guess it is better to tell her but I don't know the context (that also shows you are honest).

    If you decide to inform her try to be as neutral as possible, and keep your emotions about the old project under control:

    Emphasize what attracts you and what you can contribute in your new position - if they decide to hire you.

    Source(s): Own experience of similar situations, maybe too much of that.
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