To all junk feeding parents out there? Please read.?

Toddler dies from choking on a hot dog

Published : Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010, 10:17 PM EDT

Karen Hensel

Edited by Lindsay Eckert

BARGERSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) - A three-year-old Bargersville, Ind. girl died after choking to death on a hot dog Monday.

Police said the woman and her 17-year-old-daughter were watching several children when Young Anna Hendley began choking. The sitter tried to get the hot dog out of Hendley’s mouth, but couldn’t.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, hot dogs are the food most linked with choking in children because of their small sized wind pipes.

A child Anna’s age has a windpipe about the size of a drinking straw.

A hot dog is round, airway sized, and compressible, which allows it to wedge tightly in the small air passageway.

Pediatricians are calling for a choke proof hot dog that’s redesigned so their size, shape and texture won’t lodge in a child’s throat.

Other high-risk foods include hard candy, peanuts/nuts, seeds, whole grapes, raw carrots, apples, popcorn, chunks of peanut butter, marshmallows, chewing gum, and sausages.

Similar to latex balloons, peanut butter can conform to the airway and form a seal.

Children three to four years old have molars but are still learning to chew effectively. More than 10,000 children under 14 will go to the ER this year from choking on food.

One child dies in the US every five days from choking on food.

----- Sad, poor angel, not her fault at all. Her parents / caregivers should have known better though--

Update 2:

yeah Chelsea, I'm sure those parents also thought it was 1 in a billion before it happened.

Update 3:

Polly - no question, just informing...jeez what is up people a***es today...

Update 4:

Sycamoira - not as in candy bar nor the famous baseball in my baby's name....see how you are also too quick to pass judgement....and this was not, by any means, to criticize parents, just to alert about something we usually don't think it will happen and we all should be aware of...people take things way too personally nowadays...

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    Hi L :) What's up people's behind is the rest of the hot dog the poor child choked on.

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    Hi, I agree that choking is a serious childhood danger. It's not just hot dogs and "junk food" that can pose a choking hazard, it's any food that isn't small enough or fluid enough for a child to swallow if they forget to chew it completely. THIS IS LISTED CLEARLY IN THE ARTICLE YOU YOURSELF PASTED, so please don't forward this kind of stuff to "junk-feeding parents." I'm as sorry to see this as you are, but the fact of the matter is that even children of well-meaning, attentive parents lose their lives to choking, strangulation, drowning, and car accidents. Please don't judge people who have just lost the light of their lives this way. Why don't you link to the American Red Cross's pages on CPR and choking first-aid instead??? No? Ok, I'll do it for you.

    Many organizations offer basic CPR and choking first-aid classes, you don't have to be certified to save a life. Clearing a child's airway is a different technique than doing so for an adult, but again, it's something you can get at least acquainted with in one evening.These can be offered through your local YMCA, for instance, or from time to time at a local hospital. To read more, please go to

    to get started. For basic choking aid, see this:

    EDIT: I know you meant well, but really, not entirely helpful to just post this and let it dangle. She does have a 17-year-old daughter, so clearly she knows how to raise a child. Not the right community for editorials, either.

    EDIT EDIT: Baby Ruth, I'm sure the family will appreciate your prayers. And I'm not being mean or ironic, I know you have a good soul and I hope this topic helps other parents realize that they should take extra care in preparing their child's food and get a first-aid class under their belts at some point.

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    You take every precaution in the world and watch your children like a hawk and they have never sneezed from so much as some stray dust particles in the air, eh?

    I find it humorously ironic that you are calling out parents who feed their kids junk "food" when you share your name with a candy bar? (Yes, a famous baseball player too, but that's not the humorous irony part.)

    So, your title stated "Junk feeding parents". Peanuts/nuts, seeds, whole grapes, raw carrots, apples, popcorn (assuming it's air popped), peanut butter (assuming it's all natural) are not junk. In fact, my two-year-old gets all of these. When my husband and I do give them to her, we make sure she chews properly and that we cut them up to small pieces, if necessary.

    On the very rare occasions my daughter gets hot dogs (my husband is not vegetarian and he gets them for her at the local meat market that raises their cows as humanely and organically as possible. I know the family, and the source and I trust them) we cut them in half lengthwise and then cut the across as well.

    Even if the parents/caregivers know better and take precautions, accidents still happen.

    As has been inquired-- Would you have titled your post differently if the child had choked on a carrot, apple, grape, etc?

    Source(s): ETA: My daughter just had a slice of whole wheat bread with Smart Balance Light and natural peanut butter. The Smart Balance is to help the peanut butter go down better. (I wish she would eat it with natural jelly, but she learned that way from my husband who learned it from his parents who eat way too much fatty junky "foods". I'm also guessing, then, that you are the only one who cares for your children and nobody, not even grandparents or other close relatives, do so.
  • How dare you be SOO judgmental and holier than thou!!!

    I feed my daughter plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as peanut butter, and on occasion hot dogs too!!!

    My daughter has eggs, yogurt, and fruit for breakfast, there is ALWAYS a veggies at lunch and dinner (and I mean a green veggie not nutritious corn)...

    We have BBQs pretty frequently in the summertime and my daughter doesn't like red meat (steak or angus burgers), and she seldom eats the BBQ chicken so I cut up a hot dog with some ketchup for her...

    That does NOT mean I am a "junk feeding parent" because she occasionally has slightly less nutritious foods from time to time.

    Get your holier than than head out of your @$$!!!

    My thoughts are with that poor family for such a tragic loss...

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  • sorce
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    My teenagers do not consume or drink a great variety of goodies or junk. I agree that too many human beings feed their teenagers crap. i did not understand how plenty this got here approximately until eventually my teenagers began college. All of their acquaintances ear quickly nutrition some circumstances a week, they create candy of their lunch boxes, and drink soda each and every of the time. My teenagers question me why we don't enable them to do those issues, I purely tell them that it is undesirable for them and that they settle for that. We additionally do not do frozen ingredients, canned soups or ravioli, or boxed nutrition. i think of a few mothers and fathers purely have not got the time to cook dinner wholesome foodstuff, it is unhappy, yet there is not something you're able to do approximately it. they are not your babies!

  • Anonymous
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    What Chelsea said.

    Your title is so judgemental, and makes it look like you're putting blame on the parents/caregivers for a horrible accident. That is a terrible thing to do. Would you have written this if the child choked on apple or raw carrot like the article said?

    My son eats a balanced diet, occasionally he gets things that aren't 100% nutritionally balanced, I'd like to meet the person who only ever feeds their child or themselves the best of food.

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    What does the fact that the hot dog is junk food have to do with it.

    She could have just as easily chocked on a tofu ravioli.

    This is a sad case...anytime a child dies it's sad.

  • CP
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    1 decade ago

    While this is very sad, your headline is very judgmental. You assume that hot dogs are junk food, however, there are several options for hot dogs that are organic, nitrate free and perfectly acceptable to eat.

    The problem wasn't with the "junk food" but that the food wasn't prepared properly (into small bite sized pieces) for the child.

    Source(s): Mother of an 18-month-old who enjoys eating organic hotdogs prepared properly.;
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    that's like 1 out of a billion kids that happens to probably. It's like saying kids can't eat lollipops or gum or anything else. It's just a bad death.. not the parents fault it was an accident. You can't blame companies or parents for this kind of thing it's just a freak accident.

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    hi miss perfect could u please give me a ring and inform me of your great parenting skills.

    im sure your the perfect parent...

    junk feeding parents nup don't believe in them i believe there are 2 types of parents your type the ones who does everything by the book oh cant give ur kid a hot dog becoz there 1 in a million chance he/she will choke on it

    And then there me and all the other junk feeding parents who give our toddlers what they'll eat because its hard enough to get them to eat in the first place.

    my son loves hot dogs,apple,grapes and sausages and ill keep feeding them to him because that's what he eats

    and further more this is yahoo answers ur meant to put upa question not judge people

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