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Why is there not more concern on what the illegals are doing to the National Parks, the wildlife and garbage?

Each illegal leaves at least 8 pounds of garbage daily, 4 to 16 tons daily by all illegals, 40 million pounds annually.

Many of these areas are considered bio-hazard areas because of the human waste, the syringes, then there are copies of the Curran, prayer rugs, clothes, weapons of all sorts, feminine products etc...

It is a fact that it is killing off the wildlife such *** mountain lions, bears etc...

Why do the National Parks not step in?

I live near a National Park and I dare you to throw any litter on their ground. why is this allowed.

Why doesn't the EPA step in on this?

Aren't these pictures disturbing that this is allowed to happen?

Your opinion?


Trash On The Border


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Toni - are you saying every association or papaer who contributed to this is lying? And I live in a college town, Our parks never look like that afterwards. Could it be because it is mexico and they don't mind such litter?

Update 2:

I am Animal rights and am no way a liberal!!

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    What about their birth rate? White and Hispanic women have 2.1 and 2.3 kids per family, respectively. However, Hispanics have very quickly overtaken blacks as the largest minority and are projected to be the majority in a few decades, if current trends continue. Obviously illegal immigration is responsible for the massive increase. The US population was stable and not growing when this immigration invasion started. Now we are getting crowded, using more resources, producing more trash and pollution, increased poaching, etc. In Mexico and Mexican neighborhoods here there are few pets, but you do see very skinny dogs wandering around. I am not a liberal, but am an ardent environmentalist and animal rights advocate. The immigrants from Mexico are not interested in the environment and animal rights. Our very culture is changing, and for the worse. Some Mexicans are great people who assimilate, care about the nation and her natural attributes and love animals. They are in the minority. If we cut immigration back 90% we'd get Mexicans who assimilate instead of those who re-create the third world conditions back home.

    I have been to Mexico many times. No one pays to take their trash to the dump. It goes on the side of the road and there are few people who walk around the highways and roads picking up trash. It is disgusting. I should also mention they don't have good septic systems in Mexico. People use the toilet and throw the dirty TP in the waste basket (or on the floor). I have noticed in border states the same thing is happening. No lie. I've heard it mentioned many times by many people, some apologetic and some disgusted. I am in the latter category.

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    10 years ago

    Don't you know by now that illegal alien supporters will only believe what is beneficial to them and their so called cause.They will decry any thing that connects as cause and effect in any situation with illegal aliens.What do they care about the fragile desert ecosystem ? Most don't give a damn about the US any way so why try to get them to feel something they are incapable of feeling..

    They have tunnel vision,they continue their posts praising their support of illegal aliens and support anything that is anti-American. Even tho the majority illegal alien supporters are themselves American citizens related to or married to an illegal alien.They have a biased vested interest and its not for the good of this nation.

    You will never succeed in changing the USA into Mexico or any other country. America is now and always will be a country of laws.Laws that you pervert and twist to suit your own personal BS.America is awake and your anti-America activities are being focused on by legal law abiding citizens. I never expect logic or the truth from any illegal alien supporter..

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    We have to remember, this happens EVERYWHERE, not just at the border.

    These people are right too. Many of the pictures of the trash at those sites are sporadically taken all over the southern part of the state and, no, it isn't mostly from illegals.

    There are tons of out of the way areas near the border that have been local teen party hangouts, illegal trash dumping from Americans such as refrigerators, tires, sofas, ect ect. Some of things they found during the clean up in 2007, when that video was made, was an old 1950's fridge, curtains, condoms, used oil dumped, broken toilet, bags of household garbage, beer cans, soda bottles (glass ones), and the list goes on and on. Now, do you see an illegal taking the time to back pack a fridge or old toilet to dump it on their way into the US?

    Also, where much of it is dumped is in a dried river bed. When the rain comes at night, in most cases, those small river beds can become raging rivers within minutes which carries much of the trash and such down the way. They have had to clear dams of garbage in the refuge and protected wildlife areas for years. That area has been used as a dumping ground and party place for over 40 yrs and very few people ever paid attention to it and kept dumping.

    This can be said for many states all over the US. In my state they used to have a problem with people dumping old tires and furniture in local creek beds in residential areas. There were some places where people would hang out and party at night in wooded areas and leave their trash and even underwear in those areas, till they were blocked off a few years ago. This is not only an AZ issue when it comes to this type of careless distruction.

    Edit: And for the record, I gave no one a thumbs down. But oh well, apparently the truth is not what people want to hear.

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    10 years ago

    The American People started from zero about a year ago, and they are catching up. When they have caught up, I think they will begin to care a whole lot more.

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    10 years ago

    My State uses chain gangs to clean up ... Arizona should as well ...

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    10 years ago

    Right, and that only goes to say that all environmental and animal rights people are mentally ill liberals

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    Ah! the old gargage thing. Have you been to Lake Havasu after SPRING BREAK? Have you been to Cancun, Mx after Spring Break, what about Rocky Point, Mx?

    Why don't you have a problem with white drunk college kids tearing up a park or going to another country and destroying it??

    These are old videos that have been found to be edited and bogus by many officials. you fail!!!!!!

  • I care, but it is illegal at this time to "hunt" illegals and make a trophy for my wall.

  • 10 years ago

    There would be if it were actually true. Right-wingers have been editing and manipulating pictures and videos just to further their agenda.

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    10 years ago

    Obama has been a horrible president and he should be impeeched.

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