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Can I get a Monroe/Madonna Piercing placed wherever I want?

I love monroe piercings and want to get one but I don't like where they are usually placed. I want mine lower and further to the side so that it's above the corner of my lip (in the crease above my lip when I smile). Can I get it there? I know there is a possibility it could rub on my gums too much, but I read lots of blogs from people who say good fitting jewelry shouldn't rub.


PS. How much is it going to hurt! I know everyone is different, but if you have one, what was your experience?

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    I have my monroe pierced and when my piercer did it, she said that monroes/madonnas are supposed to be pierced halfway between the corner of your mouth and the corner of your nose (diagonally of course)

    Mine goes almost into the crease whenever I smile, and I have it pierced the "typical" way. BUT if you really want it a different way, you're the one paying for it, and the piercer will probably go along with what you want.

    It really didn't hurt bad at all. I've popped pimples that hurt worse than getting my monroe done. I mean, I could of course feel the needle going through my upper lip, but it wasn't unbearable and it was over in a second. The healing was worse because for about a month and a half it felt like someone socked me in the lip. But now it's perfectly healed and I always play around with the back of it in my mouth lol

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    i don't think it really matter i wanted one as well but my husband wasn't going for it so i mean it's up to you i think u should go for it but when you get to the tattoo shop ask the tattooer if it's okay to have it place were you want it and and if that's a bad spot or good spot then go on from there let me know how everything goes 1 love

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    ask the person thats guna pierce it..

    im sure its fine

    i wanna get that piercing too :) lol

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