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Garden weeding help?!?!?

My family has a ok sized garden, but we don't have enough time to weed the garden. So it's overgrown with a crabgrass (I think) My dad has mowed over it a little while ago so it's pretty short yet impossible to weed. We don't want to spray it cause we grow some food. I live in Indiana do there isn't enough frost to kill all the weeds in winter any tips.

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    You might mean quack grass, which is a perennial. Crab grass is an annual, though it can be very persistent in reseeding every year if allowed to mature. Quack grass multiplies with roots, and is difficult to eradicate. Options: till and pull out plant and root, or spray it with Round-Up. Then, weekly if not more often, weed the garden to prevent encroachment from surrounding quack-grass-infested areas.

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  • cris
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    it somewhat is beneficial to attempt this non risky technique of killing off bunches at a time. that's no longer rapid whether it clears aspects ok. Open black plastic rubbish bags. unfold newpapers over a community of weeds. conceal with the opened flattened bags. weigh down with rocks. provide it some month and all the plant existence would be dried up. injury up the soil and get rid of tops and roots. a similar variety of protecting may be used while replanting the area. Open up the baggage in basic terms great sufficient to put in by the hot plant life. the baggage will shop the flower beds freed from weeds. don't be afraid to apply a hoe. they seem to be a tremendous ecological thank you to combat undesirable weeds too.

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  • 10 years ago

    Till the soil. Plant your crop. Cultivate. It's really that simple. If your family members and yourself took turns and used a hoe or a long handled tine type cultivator to the weeds, daily, as they emerge from the soil there is a lot less work to weeding. It takes more diligence than work. Oh yeah, frost does NOT kill weeds and if you mow it, it's called lawn not garden.

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